FireFox is blocking

A note to all the readers of FromRome.Info

FromRome.Info often embeds in its pages videos from Rumble. But if you use FireFox’s Browswer by Mozilla, the default private protection blocks To fix this problem add

To the Sites to be excepted, by going to SETTINGS by clicking the top right three-bar menu (=), and selecting Settings from the drop down list.

And then clicking Manage Exceptions

And then, adding the URL, as is seen here:

And then pressing the button, SAVE CHANGES.

Then, set your protection and privacy settings to CUSTOM, in this manner:

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

3 thoughts on “FireFox is blocking”

  1. Interesting, I am using version 115.8.0esr on Gentoo Linux without that problem. When reporting a problem with software it is best to specify the version of the software in question. It could be a bug that needs to be reported or a change in the cookie policy that Firefox is using.

    1. This problem is an old one with Firefox, because Mozilla does not want free speech. I cannot say what platforms it occurs on, for privacy sake.

  2. Interesting because I have Firefox set to strict without an exception for Rumble and there is no problem seeing those sites. I also have an ad blocker and EFF’s Privacy Badger which help to block the garbage on the web.

    Windows has been compromised by the NSA since the nineties and Apple isn’t much better.

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