We need to make a sea change regarding ‘Who to trust’ …

In this program AJ reaches out to his viewers and he discusses with Br. Bugnolo why the MSM criticism of Tucker Carlson by the MSM shows where they are not willing to go and the fake narrative both sides are promoting, both of which the free peoples of the earth need to reject. — Click above to watch at OMC Radio TV, Odysee, Rumble, and Bitchute, or watch here below:

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3 thoughts on “We need to make a sea change regarding ‘Who to trust’ …”

  1. Hello! Great program AJ and Brother. Yes I agree we all need to stay connected by communicating through whatever means we are able to. I also enjoy reading the books you have recommended. Do you keep a reading list I would be able to access? Thanks, Sue

    PS – Tried to leave this comment on OMC radio but wouldn’t allow me to. Told me it was a duplicate comment!

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