Catholics, the way truly forward is reinvesting in Catholic Civilization!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Danger in leaving our investments in the hands of Globalists

As the readers of know well, during the last 4 years the entire world has been subject to a planned coordinated terror campaign all induced to get the entire population of the world to take dangerous experimental injections, which have now been documented to have killed millions world wide, in addition to gravely injuring the health of 10s if not 100s of millions, reducing fertility, increasing miscarriages etc..

But what is just as frightful, the companies involved in going along with this world-wide scam, are many of the companies Catholics have their savings invested in through stocks, bonds, investment funds, IRAs, 401Ks, pension funds etc.. Often we are even forced to invest in such companies due to the special laws of our own nation which confine our savings or pensions in certain corporations or funds.

It makes more than common sense, then, if we review where our money is being saved, deposited, invested and held, because otherwise our personal and family assets will continue to be used by corporation which do not have our best interests in mind, to put it mildly.

As a Franciscan Brother of private vows, I personally own nothing and do not have a bank account, pension, investment portfolio, nor do I even expect a penny in pension, since I have always worked for the Lord.

However, since I feel deeply the concerns of Catholics everywhere, especially parents, grandparents and the youth of the next generation, to live their Catholic Faith in freedom and prosperity, I have employed many hours in the consideration of fundamentally new ways of reordering our relationship as Catholics to the modern world, so as to protect our own personal and family interests. My training in Cultural Anthropology, at the University of Flordia, Gainesville (1986, Phi Beta Kappa) helps me in this concern of mine.

The Comprehensive and Enduring Advantages of Investing in a Catholic Counter-Revolution

Contrariwise, what if we Catholics turned aside from our present passive approach to investments and decided to take our assets and direct them to the rebuilding of the Catholic Civilization which once was: not in a nostalgic attempt to return to inefficient systems, but to take our Holy Faith as a certain sort of sifting devices to glean from economic and technological advancements while retaining the healthy and family orientated forms of living which our forefathers developed in the last 1700 years.

What I propose as the object of our attention is to dedicate our investments to building Catholic towns and cities, which are so organizing legally and financially, architecturally and economically, as to provide a wholesome, Catholic and prosperous environment for future generations, against the title of godlessness afoot in the world.

I believe this can be done through a concept of approach which I call the “Crusader Option”. I coined this word in contrast to the proposal of the “Benedict Option” nearly 20 years ago, which called on Christians to flee the cities and hide away in the countryside in the vicinity of monasteries, giving up all intention and desire to change the greater world around them: a truly enticing but defeatist plan for those who have despaired of any triumph under the banner of Christ the King. And a proposal which was never put into practice, as far as I know.

The Crusader Option

The Crusader Option is based rather on the ideal of the Italian Mercantile Republic of Venice. It proposes that Catholic investors, like the founders of the ancient maritime republic of the Serenissima — of whom I am honored to count my paternal ancestors since the 13th century as first citizens — to flee into an undeveloped area, and build a Catholic City, founded on the principles of our Catholic Faith, Free Commerce and Community Living.

For this reason, I proposed the Crusader Option, suggesting Catholic investors purchase 6000+ acres in the West of the United States and found their own city, replete with all the institutions and services necessary for quasi independent living: from real estate investment companies to construction companies, to private retail and commercial banks, a private currency, investment funds, municiple and religious buildings, stores and shops, etc., catholic schools and colleges, homes, parks, recreation areas, along with a private electrical company and water company and sewage company, with places for warehouses and industrial parks, so that the capital wealth of the Catholics who found such a city would be devoted in a common but diversified effort to building a common future in a single community of Catholics.

In such a project, Catholics would invest in their own future, organize their own business relationships, development projects, enterprises, ventures, manufacturing, service and shipping companies, all located on site, so that the Catholics who come to live in such a place have all their needs met and those Catholics who invest in such a project have multiple ways of participating.

For more information see The Crusader Option video which my colleague AJ Baalman and I produced, here. And for investors who wish to be among the Founders of such a city, call me at +1 406 299 9260 for more information.

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4 thoughts on “Catholics, the way truly forward is reinvesting in Catholic Civilization!”

  1. Such a great idea, as long as we can find ways to prevent the government from attacking us with lawfare etc

  2. Look up the Uniform Securitization Scheme, an excellent paper written by a gentleman who explains the current basis of the world economy, despite attempts to return to precious metals and other currencies.

    With the birth registration, are very lives were pledged to the globalists and we ourselves volunteered for it (or our parents did on our behalf) when we used it for identification when we requested a social security number and filled out an IRS 1040 form with our first job as teenagers. The only way to reverse it is to change your status from presumed Trustee, to Beneficiary.

    Didn’t they cut off our livelihood in 2020 in order to deathvaxx us? Some of us had to change professions and were red-pilled at that time.

    There is a way out. It is called returning to competency and reclaiming our securities.

    The Church, too, has been compromised as an agent. Marriage certificates are securities which are signed by the priest.

    1. This narrative about the birth certificate being a financial instrument, has been out there a long time, and its an urban legend as far as I am concerned, because I find not a single Accountant which believes it.

      1. We are (apparently) in the hands of liars, thieves, and assassins but God is in control and NOTHING will be lost or wasted. The best thing we can do is to trust God and avoid the schemes and alleged security of the world. They cannot secure the ground they walk on. The earth will devour them soon. Our business is to trust God with all our heart and allow Him to protect us and save us. The old adage is true: “The sins of Rome make the barbarians strong.” Purity, chastity, obedience and a profound trust in Our Savior will serve as a safe rock in these perilous times.

        “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, says the Lord of hosts.” — Haggai 2:8

        “For you have taken my silver and my gold, and have carried my rich treasures into your temples.” — Joel 3:5

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