Both pushed the DeathVaxx to their Fans, both dropped dead in February

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3 thoughts on “Both pushed the DeathVaxx to their Fans, both dropped dead in February”

  1. In my town last night about 10 miles from
    my house a small plane with 5 people aboard crashed and burned 5 seconds from the small airport they in which were attempting to land. On the flight recorder one heard the pilot say “, The engines on fire
    We aren’t going to make it. “His voice sounded Indian. The whole area surrounding the crash is heavily populated.The interstate nearby was full with 5pm traffic. Somehow the pilot landed in a Costco parking lot and saved a lot of people in doing so.
    I was saying .y Rosary this am, and thought about the crash, and about the souls of those suddenly appearing before the judgment seat of God.I prayed for them and then a thought from Jesus words in the Bible came to me: ” Do not fear those who can kill the body. Fear those that can kill the soul “

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