Dr. Jane Ruby speaks with Br. Bugnolo, about ReStarting the Gold & Silver Standard in the USA

Tonight, Dr. Jane Ruby speaks with Br. Bugnolo about how to solve the problems raised by the restrictions of Article I, Section 10 on State power and its conflicts with the Federal Monopoly on coinage and currency. — The solution will allow US Citizens in certain states from having their savings wiped out by the Global Reset, inflation and devaluation.

This show is the follow up for the previous show in the Danger of CBDC and the US federal fiat money, here.

UPDATE: The Romanian Government has just taken steps to get back its 91.48 tonnes of Gold Bullion from Russia, taken in World War I. For more information see here.

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8 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Ruby speaks with Br. Bugnolo, about ReStarting the Gold & Silver Standard in the USA”

    1. In most European Countries no region has authority over money, everything is centralized. So with globalists in power there, I do not see any chance of a return to gold and silver legal tender, unless the governments fall and all hell breaks loose. And in that case a gun with ammo is worth more than its weight in gold and silver.

  1. Hello Brother!
    Gold is of concern. In the stock market crash, the government confiscated ALL the gold. How hard would it be for them to do that again? They know the buyer, the amount and the location. Poof! It’s gone.

    There seems to be no safe place for savings accounts. (But let me know if one comes to mind.)

    Good thing our treasure is in Heaven!

    1. The US Govt. confiscated gold to allow the Federal Reserve to issue more notes, the impending inability to issue such Roosevelt claimed was a threat to national security. But Federal Reserve notes are no longer required to be secured by Gold. So there is no legal basis for such a presidential order. Nor do I think there could be today except for coins minted by the US govt or bearing the valuation of some part of a US Dollar or the whole thereof. However, even in 1932, the confiscation was not a theft, because the Govt. paid the owners the value in US Dollars. — However, Jewelers and Dentists were exempt from confiscation.

      The deeper issue here is not the fake claim of the federal govt to confiscate, but the right of the citizenry to resist by armed force such encroachments. If you are not going to resist an unjust government, with armed force, you have implicitly surrendered all your rights before they are violated. — This is why the ownership of gold and silver is a natural right and sign of the free citizenry.

  2. Excellent show. What is missing from the picture is a thorough examination of the Uniform Commercial Code which governs all of our transactions from negotiable and non-negotiable instruments to entitlement holdings and asking the question: who holds the highest claim to the securities underlying our financial system in a post 1933 HJR resolution economy.

    A study of trust law, equity as well as jurisdiction is essential to mastering commerce which Our Lord wishes us to rise above. But we can never exit Admiralty, the Law of the Sea, unless we wish to live in a log cabin in Alaska with no connection to any public utilities.

    We are deemed Lost at Sea. Cestui que trust status needs to be changed. We are considered incompetent belligerents until this is accomplished.

    1. Don’t take the UCC as law, it is not. It is just a proposal for a uniform way of dealing in business. In the USA, a contract which specifies other terms overrides any particular term of the UCC, whether it has or has not been adopted by the states in which a contract is agreed upon or deals with.

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