Google knows where your Android Phone is at all times

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you have an Android Phone, you are being surveilled by Google at all times.

This might come as a big shock to all Android Phone users, because there are repeated and numerous promises that in getting an Android Phone your privacy is being protected, especially the privacy of knowing where you are physically present at all times, which is the greatest invasion of privacy possible.

Despite all the claims to privacy, however, Google knows where your Android phone is at all times. This is true even if you have turned GPS off on all your apps.

I discovered this deep dark secret the other day when repairing a cellphone. You see, there is a Google service called find your phone. If you have the credentials to access the Google Account which was used to register your Android Phone, then with that service you can from a third device, find your Android Phone’s exact physical location in real space, using Google Maps.

And if you can find it with your Google gmail credentials, that means that Google knows this information without your gmail credentials. And that means that any government can find your cellphone without your permission.

What does this mean for Android phone owners?

It means that Android Phones are in the very first instance a device to spy on those who buy them and insure that if they ever criticize the powers that be, that they can be dealt with in the most cruel manner possible.

Now I understand how it was, that the two drivers, who attempted to run me off the road, outside of Rome, about a year ago, knew I was approaching them with such exactness.

And yes, I never carry any cellphone with me any more.

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2 thoughts on “Google knows where your Android Phone is at all times”

  1. Do you really think that Apple is any better? I have never owned one of those damned things for a reason. Where I work demands one to log into their computers and so they end up paying for that one. It stays in a bag and comes out when I am at work.

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