Fr. Gerald Murray: ‘Fiducia supplicans’ is heretical, must be withdrawn & ignored by all

Editor’s Note: While I am continually amazed at the intellectual incapacity of theologians to see the fundamental error in ‘Fiducia supplicans’, Fr. Murray is not off the mark in the critique he gives in this interview with Diana Montagna, where he says things that are obvious to all who have read the document nearly 3 months ago. He however fails to say that those who signed the document must be suspected of heresy and apostasy, and put on trial.

The Sutri Initiative calls for such a trial. Join it and write the Bishops named therein to call for such a Council. For if these men are not put on trial by Catholics, every Catholic will eventually be put on trial by heretics.

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8 thoughts on “Fr. Gerald Murray: ‘Fiducia supplicans’ is heretical, must be withdrawn & ignored by all”

  1. The first Saturday in Lent, I airmailed 15 Sutri Initiative letters.
    I read your comment in a previous article warning of IT administrators blocking emails, so decided against my original plan to send follow up emails.
    Would there be any merit in faxing the letters as follow up?
    Fax numbers are listed for most of the named Bishops in the Surburbicarian Sees.

  2. My hesitation in writing to the Italian bishops is that many of them, much like those in North America, are part of team evil; what is the likelihood of such men doing the right thing?

    1. The Holy Spirit has a duty to inspire the Bishops in a way that He has not in regard to all other men.

      If you do not trust the Bishops of the Roman Province, you can write the Bishops of any province in the world, and ask them to convene a council to call on those of the Roman Province to act, or even to denounce Bergoglio as a heretic and declare the Roman See impeded.

    2. See Jesus’ very own Parable of the Widow and the Unjust Judge, Luke 18:1-8.
      One modern Catholic translation footnote made me chuckle, stating that the last clause of verse 5 can be translated from some Greek text(s) as: “lest she come and slap me in the face”!

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