Orthodox Copts suspend Dialogue with Catholic Church over ‘Fiducia supplicans’

Editor’s Note: The Coptic Orthodox Church has shown that it is more Catholic than the Catholic Bishops world wide, who still have not refused communion with the public heretic, Pope Francis, over the blasphemous document ‘Fiducia supplicans’.

Indeed, it is a shame that barely two dozen readers of FromRome.Info have signed on to the Sutri Initiative.

If God destroyed the world today, I believe He would be fully justified. In fact, most of us probably deserve it, because we have done NOTHING or TOO LITTLE to defend the HOLY NAME OF GOD.

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5 thoughts on “Orthodox Copts suspend Dialogue with Catholic Church over ‘Fiducia supplicans’”

  1. Out of curiosity, how do you obtain the number of those who “signed on” (not 100% sure what you mean by that) the Sutri Initiative?

    I, for example, have contacted all of the Bishops you listed a while ago. (Is that what you mean by “signing on”?) But how would you be made aware of that?

    1. From comments and correspondence from those who sent letters. “Signed on” in English has two meanings, one is the literal to sign a petition or membership application with a signature, the other is the metaphorical to join an effort. I am speaking of the metaphorical.

      1. i also sent a couple of emails brother but i never publicised it. maybe there are many like this.

      2. Oh okay, I see. Then in that sense I signed on a good while ago and sent emails to all those prelates you had specified.

        Maybe there are others like me who did so but didn’t leave any comments here to that effect.

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