Father Isaac Reylea starts Media Apostolate — Soldiers of the Immaculate

Editor’s Note: Here is a website for homilies and instruction in the Catholic Faith by Father Isaac Mary, one of my confreres, whom I highly recommend to all those asking me to produce such programs. As I am only a brother, I assure you you will find more grace listening to priests like him and Father Walter Covens, the indomitable French translator here at FromRome.info.

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5 thoughts on “Father Isaac Reylea starts Media Apostolate — Soldiers of the Immaculate”

  1. Thanks Brother. The few times I listenes to his homilies I was very much uplifted spiritually.

    But I have noticed that Father Isaac Mary uses the same media company (Supernerd media) as Anne Barnhardt. Not sure if this is something to worrt about or not.

  2. Dear Brother Alexis: I encourage everyone to do the Consecration to Our Lady through the method of Saint Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort. If you are fluent in Spanish, you can do it right now online at heraldosmexico.org; if not, you can contact heraldsusa.org to see if they can help. You won’t regret it, it’s a most beautiful consecration. Blessings!

    1. I whole heartedly agree. I made this consecration as a young man and have found in it an every flowing fountain of grace, because salvation consists in turning back to and returning to God the Father, and through this consecration we make a solemn proposal and decision to take our Lady as our guide back to His House.

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