Pope Francis’ Fake Opposition is implementing KGB Tactics against the Faithful

 Editor’s Note: Many readers of Catholic Media in the English speaking world know that it is controlled by individuals who grift off of the malcontent of Catholics against what Pope Francis is doing or saying. But as these influencers publish no solutions, because they do not want solutions, they end up demoralizing Catholics who know of the scandals but are given no way of stopping them. — FromRome.info has featured this video before. But it warrants a repetition.

This discourse explains why 99.99% of Catholic Media influencers refused to hear the truth about how Pope Benedict XVI never abdicated. And why the same rejected the Apostolic Tradition in the Roman Church whereby in absence of action by Cardinals the Faithful have the right and ability to elect the Roman Pontiff of their choosing. It is also why despite all the evidence of his heresy since ‘Fiducia supplicans’ they cannot bring themselves even to pronounce the words, the Sutri Initiative. — They are totally mind controlled.

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8 thoughts on “Pope Francis’ Fake Opposition is implementing KGB Tactics against the Faithful”

  1. Sometime ago I bought and read Taylor Marshall’s book “The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity”. In the book he painted the jews as victims of Catholic societies during the medieval era. There was no discussion of what jews do that would explain why the European Catholic monarchy expulsed them from all major European countries. Brother, do you know of a book that does expñain this?

    1. There are several articles here at FromRome about the expulsion of Jews. Marshall is a Jew, so don’t take his biased view on that.

      1. I have no proof. But he himself said on a video that his great great maternal grand mother was a Jew, and that, according to Jews, that makes him also a Jew. As an anthropologist, I would say he looks very Jewish, like Michael Matt, who also has a Jewish ancestor, but that is more subjective.

  2. Bezmenov declares that the Demorilazation had already been completed, for +/- 25yrs. This in 1984.

    Does 1984 ring any bells? How about 1959?

    G. Edward Griffin also wrote 2 books.
    The Creature From Jekyll Island, about the FED, and The Fearful Master: A Second Look At the United Nations (Paperback) by G. EDWARD GRIFFIN, 1964

    And we are dictated by Pope Francis to obey the UN?

    Bezmenov also declares that only when the useful idiot gets kicked does he wake up.

    Alger Hiss V Joseph McCarthy

    And Eisenhower, after McCarthy silenced, stilled, and stiffed, declared “McCarthyism has been made McCarthywasm.’ (paraphrase). See The Politician, by Robert Welch, about Eisenhower.

    The only good Russian, is not a dead Russian. The BVM asked for us, the Laity, to pray for the Consecration and Conversion of Russia(ns) and all the victims of the spread of Russia’s Errors and Terrors.

    Live Not By Lies,
    (Live-Not By Lies,
    Live Not-By-Lies), Aleksandr Sholzenitsyn https://ia600808.us.archive.org/6/items/LiveNotByLies/Live%20Not%20By%20Lies.pdf

    Maryknoll Bishop James E. Walsh stated that FDR laughed in his face and said, “We have a Plan.” This after meeting w/FDR re request of Japan’s FM’s secret request to ask for ‘time’ to keep Japan from attacking the US(SR) of A. (lost book)

    ENOUGH. We must obey God rather than men. Even ‘churchmen’ who misrepresent Him.

    São Francisco, Santa Jacinta, Santa Lúcia de Fátima, rogai por nós.

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