USA Bishops Conference to put “Catholic Bashing” note against “Antisemitism” in Holy Week Missalettes

Editor’s Note: If you put this notice in a bulletin — Those attending this Mass should not think that escaping from this prison is morally licit — it is obvious where the bulletin is intended to be used.

But when such a notice, as is reported in the above article, is put in all Catholic Churches in the USA for Good Friday, it is obvious what the message is.

The problem is, that the message is not only not-catholic, it is blasphemous heresy that wants to connect the murder of Jesus Christ by Pilate at the insistence of the inhabitants of Jerusalem with “antisemitism”.

I, for one, cannot in good conscience attend any Holy Week service where the Clergy consent to insulting my Lord and God and my fellow Catholics in such a vile manner.

It is a historical fact, recorded by the Apostle, Saint Matthew, that the crowd which called for Jesus’s condemnation, said, “Let his blood be on us and on our children!” (Matthew 27:25) in the form of a solemn oath. Christians, therefore, are required by faith to believe that they said this, and thus are free and have the divine right, to speculate if their children, alive today, are also under that imprecation. If you examine what those who claim to be their children are doing in Gaza, you do not even have to speculate.

But this same Bishop’s Conference organs immediately approved Pope Francis’ “Gay Blessing” document, which ordains the blasphemy of the Holy Name of God by authorizing the invoking of the Sacred Name to approve the worst of sexual abominations.

So it is clear that this conference’s leadership and the vast majority of its members are now in open apostasy from and rebellion against God.

This inserted statement was put there at the request of Jewish lobbyists. Imagine what would be the reaction of Jews, if the Catholic Bishops conference had requested and obtained that all the Rabbinical Associations in the USA call for inserting a statement during Passover services saying, “This celebration of Passover should not be construed to justify any anti-Christian bigotry or hatred”.

Think about it.

Nothing good is going to come from this. Only more bitterness and resentment. But perhaps that is what the Bishops conference and its CIA handlers want. The FBI has been investigating Catholic congregations in the USA for more than a year. Now incitement may give them someone to arrest and prosecute. This is reverse psychology in the service of anti-Catholic bigotry.

NOTE to non-Catholics: In some versions of the Passion Narrative recited on Palm Sunday, the Catholic Faithful read the parts labeled “The People”, wherein the Catholic laity present say, “Let His Blood be on us and on our Children!” as part of the reenactment of the Passion. Catholics gladly say this for another reason, so that we might have the blessing merited by what Our Lord suffered. No Catholic I have ever met has claimed that this is said to remind us that Jews killed Christ. That any Catholic Bishop thinks so is utterly bizarre.

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5 thoughts on “USA Bishops Conference to put “Catholic Bashing” note against “Antisemitism” in Holy Week Missalettes”

  1. The chastisement moves apace to smite the world. Lord have mercy upon us! May His blood be upon me to cleanse me from my sins!

  2. This might by a counter-move to Father Mawdsley’s campaign to reinstitute the pre 1955 Good Friday prayers for conversion of the Jews.

  3. Nothing beats the Pre-’55 Liturgy, its formulae and accompanying rubrics! It is true Catholic worship worthy of the Supreme Sacrifice of the Lamb of God, slain on the Cross, which we commemorate at every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of the Ages but most especially on those high, holy days of the Triduum. In all sincerity, we pray that that race which has gone astray and turned their backs on their Covenant may recognize that their only hope for salvation is to embrace the New Covenant founded on the Blood of the Lamb.

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