A Critical Review Catholic News & Media: March 15, 2024

AJ and Br. Bugnolo discuss 1 Peter 5’s spin on “Crusading”, Barnhardt raising money like a nun, Bergoglio’s fake opposition using KGB Tactics, the perversion of Good Friday by US Catholic Bishops Conference, Westen promoting fake apparitions in Texas, and Why Christians who worship in English will necessarily lose the Faith.

Click above to watch on OMC Radio TV, Bitchute, Odysee and Rumble. Or watch here below from Rumble:

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4 thoughts on “A Critical Review Catholic News & Media: March 15, 2024”

    1. Try cleaning out the cache on your browswer or device, as what you are experiencing seems to be a problem with lack of memory or disk space.

  1. You are so right about English translations. On my search for the true Holy Bible translation, I have found that the actual MEANING is sometimes COMPLETELY DIFFERENT between translations. I finally found the Douay Rheims. I read one of your articles months ago in which you quoted from Douay Rheims and it was slightly different from my Douay Rheims!

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