EU: Globalists to launch Digital Euro & Digital Gun Control across continent

Editor’s Note: Europeans have literally months left to form resistance to the Globalist Fourth Reich. Alas, they have let themselves squabble themselves into inaction and disunity by insistence over petty issues, with each group insisting on some sort of insanity promoted by Freemasonry. Now the trap is closing and soon the cattle yard will be enclosed entirely. I personally see little hope for Europe, unless Pope Francis is removed from office or dies, and we get an anti-Globalist as the next Pope. Short of that, Europeans would have to flee Europe as soon as possible, or start armed resistance groups. My experience of the psychological inability of Europeans to unplug from the Matrix and think outside the box, makes me less than hopeful they will take any action to stop this diabolic momentum to madness.

Europe has been conquered by sloth. Citizens have preferred the ready hand outs of political parties and programs which offered quick solutions in exchange to accept control systems run by the godless. Good Catholic clergy and laity have been warning of this since the time of the French Revolution. For it is insane to hope that those who hate God can insure your liberty. Now Europe is about to reap the whirlwind.

And it is no coincidence that the move to a central database for gun control and the introduction of a CBDC Digital Euro are contemporaneous, because if you control either of these (money and guns) without the other you control neither of these at all.

I cannot emphasize more how important it is for Catholics to participate in the Sutri Initiative and even do more by not merely writing letters but going to Italy to speak with these bishops and insist that they take action to have Pope Francis removed.

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3 thoughts on “EU: Globalists to launch Digital Euro & Digital Gun Control across continent”

    1. This depends upon the nationality of the individual, since possibilities of emmigration vary greatly due to citizenship.

  1. I grew up in Europe. I understand what you mean. The US is under total corporate take over. The oligarchy used corporations to bypass the constitution. All institutions are corrupted. I also think Trump is as deep state as they come. His proposals are rooted in trickle down economics and preserve the power of corporations. If he ever was anti-deep state, they got to him with the lawsuits.

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