New Biography reveals Pope Francis is a devout Marxist and a Homo-Heretic

Editor’s Note: If you have not yet joined the Sutri Initiative, calling for Pope Francis to be removed from the papacy, then please do so. Otherwise, reading this report, cited above, might cause you to despair and lose your faith, because to tolerate in silence this level of immorality and disbelief, you have to jettison all the sentiments of our Holy Faith.

I cannot emphasize more how important it is for Catholics to participate in the Sutri Initiative and even do more by not merely writing letters but going to Italy to speak with these bishops and insist that they take action.

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8 thoughts on “New Biography reveals Pope Francis is a devout Marxist and a Homo-Heretic”

  1. In the not too distant past, Popes wrote about God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Mary, and / or Saints.

    Pope Benedict XVI wrote a trilogy on Jesus of Nazareth.

    This one writes about himself as pivotal in history; arranges for it to be published in his 88th year (multiples of 11 being significant to Freemasons and Luciferians); one week ante-Holy Week; with first extracts one day ante-Ides of March.

    1. No, he just fingered them to the Argentine Authorities to get 2 fellow jesuits tortured and kidnapped for 6 months and several laypeople who opposed him thrown out of planes from 30000 ft above the South Atlantic…..

      1. Worse. He called taking a so called “vaccine” an act of love justifying billions of people to take a poisinous injection that would kill tens of millions.

    2. Abortion tortures and kills innocent babies in the womb. He honored one of Italy’s top abortionists — she claims to have aborted over 10,000 babies.

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