VATICAN tied Gemelli Clinic to open Gender-Transition Facility

Editor’s Note: While the world-famous Gemelli Clinic is not owned by the Vatican, it does belong to the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart at Milan, which is credentialed and supported 100% by the Vatican. It’s founder and principal sponsor was a Franciscan Friar who spent a life time persecuting Padre Pio with false accusations. It is also the preferred clinic for popes since the assassination attempt upon the life of Pope John Paul II. — If a pope should change his gender, he would cease immediately from holding his office, which requires that he be a fully integral male.

I cannot emphasize more how important it is for Catholics to participate in the Sutri Initiative and even do more by not merely writing letters but going to Italy to speak with these bishops and insist that they take action.

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3 thoughts on “VATICAN tied Gemelli Clinic to open Gender-Transition Facility”

  1. Each persons individual human body and soul is based on male/ female biology. Only a person who has lost belief in God’s words,” male and female He created them” and ” fill the earth and subdue it “would consent to be a part of something so opposite to what He created and stated as law. and to experiment with that must be a mortal sin….even if ourPope would rather tease us that women don’t have to reproduce like rabbits, and creates a blessing for individuals who blatantly and openly sin against God’s Commandments.

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