3 thoughts on “Judge Napolitano: Pope Francis will soon be dead, his health is that bad …”

  1. Let us all pray that He repents of the grave damage he has inflicted upon Holy Mother Church before he expires. May God have Mercy on Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

    1. Amen with a note of caution. Those of us who know his trajectory since the days he was made a bishop sincerely doubt that he will change his mind. What Judge Napolitano saw seems to be the result of decades of sin. A soul hardened in sin can repent but it is quite difficult for them. I witnessed (and participated in) a deathbed conversion. Let us pray for that and for ourselves as well for most of us —if it was not for the merits of Christ and the mercy of God— deserve only Hell. Domine, miserere nobis.

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