BRASIL: Bolsonaro indicted for faking DeathVaxx status

Editor’s Note: If you accept a false narrative, you will be imprisoned in it. And if you accept an unjust law as just, you just authorized your own arrest for violating it. Here is a prime case example for those who do not understand these principles of psychology and right.

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One thought on “BRASIL: Bolsonaro indicted for faking DeathVaxx status”

  1. Thank you for your note. It sounds very enlighting to me. Never accept the rules of the ennemy.
    In France we observe that the entity at its head, all the time fixes new rules, out of law! The covidranny has been set up to launch this: all the fines, injonctions etc were illegal. I checked in detail: no law was written for a majority of them! BUT they were applied because of the absence of non-consent.
    They were fake laws, in a parallel right. As the mafia works.
    It works because majority still recognize them as legitime. But this is the core error.

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