Prince William is dating a Rothschild of the East, whose family profited from the Opium Wars

Editor’s Note: The Rothschilds have a long history of courting the British Royal Family, but Prince William, the heir to the throne is supposed to be faithful to his wife, Clarence Middleton, whom he married in the Anglican Church.

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6 thoughts on “Prince William is dating a Rothschild of the East, whose family profited from the Opium Wars”

  1. Isn’t she called Kate?

    There is something very fishy about her absence from public life, coinciding with the King’s cancer treatment, and the media spin isn’t helping them.

    There are ancient prophecies that Charles III will be the end of the line for the monarchy in the UK. As they have been co-opted by the Rothschilds they have become enemies of the people. We pray for our king in the National Anthem, as we have prayed for all our monarchs (yes including the excommunicated Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I).

    It is my theory alone that Her Majesty Elizabeth II was bumped off so that Charles could assume the throne. They needed to allow ten days of mourning and funeral which needed to happen before the bombings of the Nordstream gas tunnels which I believe the globalists thought would lead to a war with Russia; but Russia didn’t oblige. Elizabeth appeared to go downhill pretty rapidly, which coud have been natural causes, but I wouldn’t put it past Charles and the UK globalists to have orchestrated it.

  2. I think this was probably just the press speculating because no one knew why Princess Catherine had ‘gone to ground’, so to speak. However, it has only just been announced that she has been diagnosed with cancer, sadly.

  3. English history dictates this is nothing new. They have all had mistresses etc. Let’s not forget King Charles had a mistress all the way through his marriage to Diana, infact he had a daughter to her, then all of a sudden we also have a queen Camilla.

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