6 thoughts on “USA: All 3 of Biden’s Children married Jews”

  1. Biden was always a Converso/Marrano/Crypto. These people follow the Babylonian Talmud (mystery babylon) aka synagogue of satan.

    Hint to naive Catholics, many of the recent celebrity converts (eg Pederson, Lofton, Owens, Russell Brand, Shia Labeouf etc) to Catholicism and the other high profile fake Catholics in politics like Pelosi and RFK Jr are also Cryptos and part of the synagogue.

  2. The book Plot Against the Church by Pinay has a whole section on the Cryptos and how they have damaged the Catholic Church over the centuries.

  3. How about Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, converting to Judaism to marry Jared? How could she reject Jesus in that way. This really continues to trouble me.

  4. What’s with the right hand on breast? I have been seeing that in movies too.

    Is that a masonic symbol?

  5. Oy vey can you see, by the dawn’s early light …

    Get used to the sound of it. Come Back Little Shiksa…

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