ITALY: Conservative Freemasonic Parties Hold Conference in Subiaco

Editor’s Note: The Globalists control nations through the manipulation of the political narrative, wherein all actors permitted on the stage are under their control. The Conservatives in Europe are among the finest play-actors in this theatre, and continually are labeled in the press as the friends of European Civilization. This is only a pretense, as can be seen at this conference where Fratelli d’Italia, the Masonic Italian party, which approved of the Digital ID, and did nothing to prosecute the perpetrators of the deaths of the Scamdemic or DeathVaxx, attended with full acceptance of the other political parties. Fratelli d’Italila is headed by Giorgia Meloni, the Aspen Club member who promised to reduce illegal immigration, but instead allowed it to increase 300%.

These fakers are praised by the same ilk of men and women in the USA, who consistently hail these parties as the “only hope” for Europe. Social Media is full of their messages daily condemning the problems of Europe and the USA, while studiously avoiding any approval of any real solution.

For more about this, read my article, “How the Masconic Lodge manipulates Christians“.

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