Anti-Globalist Talk Show, with AJ and Br. Bugnolo, March 25, 2024 A. D..

Click to watch above at OMC Radio TV. Or watch through Rumble, below.

Wishing a blessed Annunciation of the Lord to one and all!

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3 thoughts on “Anti-Globalist Talk Show, with AJ and Br. Bugnolo, March 25, 2024 A. D..”

  1. Many thanks for another very informative & interesting programme.

    As regards the British Royal Family, the attitude of some of them towards ‘their people’ and humanity in general, was expressed some years ago by the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh [1921-2021] with this observation:-
    “In the event that I am reincarnated I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”

    So, it is ‘interesting’ that both his eldest son and the wife of the heir to the throne are suffering cancer as a result of the death-vaxxes……

    Two expressions come to mind:
    “You reap what you sow”;
    “What goes around comes around”.

    1. NB: Due to Holy Week and the Easter Octave, the Feast of the Annunciation is postponed until Monday 8th April in both liturgical calendars of the Roman Rite.

      1. Our Lady conceive the Lord Jesus on the 8th Day of the Passover in 2 B. C., so the Incarnation and Annunciation are intimately associated with Holy Week. Maybe one day, this will be recognized.

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