NEWSWEEK: Catholic Conservatives better not dare move to depose Pope Francis

Critique by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here, above, in the linked article, is a very fine crafted piece of Globalist propaganda, written by someone who is desperately afraid that Catholics will sign on to the Sutri Initiative, and spent a lot of time crafting a piece of disinformation in an attempt to Gaslight the Catholic world. — Not that anyone who is seriously Catholic would believe or take counsel from anything in Newsweek Magazine. But since many Catholics of the other kind are the ones who are actually in charge (in munere, that is, “in office”) in the Church, Newsweek still holds out that they can have an effect.

The whole import of the article is to make it seem anti-Catholic to participate in a call to remove Pope Francis, while making it seem perfectly Catholic to support Pope Francis’ attempts to destroy the Catholic Church and Christianity forever, by main streaming Sabbatean God-hating practices like idol-worship, sodomy, blasphemy and sacrilege, going so far as to invoke the Most Sacred Name of God to approve of these abominations.

Aleks Phillips, the author of the article, is in fact a Jew, who pushes the Globalist Mythology of Climate Change. And you might even find out investigating his personal back ground that he is a cultural marxist and a sodomite, because those who write such articles praising Pope Francis are of that ilk.

If you are a Catholic, I would suggest that you take some time to stop and think why Newsweek would be asking Philips to tell Catholics what they should believe and what they should not believe.

And then you might realize not only what is the fundamental power structure in mass media, but what their ultimate Anti-Christic goal is: your eternal damnation.

Journals which tow the line like Newsweek are heavily funded. And those, who expose them for what they are, risk their personal safety and don’t get a cent for it. — This is eternal spiritual warfare, and FromRome.Info is on the winning side.

The sad reality is, that if you are a U.S. citizen, whatever of the two parties you vote for, Newsweek will continue to get tax-payer monies, perhaps, to keep pushing the Ideological Warfare Program against the Catholic Church, as many outlets have done since June 29, 1953, when it was declared.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

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