The Politics of Saint Joseph, Protector of the Church

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have recently been the witness to the powerful intercession of Saint Joseph, protector of the Church.

You see, nearly 2 years ago, I made one of my last trips to pray at Midnight in the Piazza of Santa Maria Maggiore, for the Supplica, as I was wont to do since February of 2020.

On that occasion, a Catholic woman, who in the past had remarked to me that finding a good husband is neigh impossible now a days, made the effort and came to the Supplica.

Before the Supplica began, moved by trust in Saint Joseph’s great power before the Throne of Jesus and Mary, I chided this woman to trust in God. And since she was having difficulty in this, because she had prayed for many years and never found a man worthy of Catholic Marriage, who wanted a family, I boldly told her to trust in Saint Joseph.

Whether led by a spirit of folly or divine inspiration, I blurted out: If you want to find a worthy husband, you need to entrust this matter to Saint Joseph, who will not fail you, since he wants all Catholic women to find good husbands and raise children in the Lord.

And to this boldness, she replied asking a specific manner of praying to obtain this great grace.

And so I boldly promised her, that if she made a novena for 30 days to Saint Joseph, praying the prayer of Pope Leo XIII, which is normally said after the Rosary, that on the 30th day, if she went to Church, she would find the man God wanted for her.

And after I said that, I felt somewhat ridiculous, because I felt that I should have not made such a solemn promise, seeing that Saint Joseph had given me no sign.

A year later, however, I found out that I had not only not offended the Great Saint, but that he took the matter in his charge. For she heeded my counsel and made a novena, and lo, on the 30th day, she went to the traditional Catholic Mass at London, and met a man she never met before, a devout Catholic man.

And so she began to court him, and within 90 days, they were both so enamored of one another that he proposed and she accepted. They invited me to their wedding last year, at the beginning of May. It was held in London.

And in the feast of the Glorious Saint Joseph, this year, in the traditional rite, their first child was born.

And to top it off, since he was born in the United Kingdom, the parents had the option of refusing all vaccinations which are normally given. For example in Italy, it is obligatory to give all newborns 15 vaccines including the DeathVaxx.

So, Saint Joseph not only heard her prayers, but granted that their first child be protected from the satanic plot to deathvaxx all children.

The moral of this story is this: it is never wrong to boldly trust in Saint Joseph, and encourage others to do the same, in the quest for honest favors and graces, like this fool of a friar did and this devout and serious woman did. Saint Joseph will surprise you greatly.

The Politics of Saint Joseph

But here the story does not end, because now it is clear why if we Catholics keep listening to those who claim to be Catholic but who say that the return to a Catholic State and a political agenda which is purely one based on our holy Faith — that is anti-Globalist and pro-restoration of Christendom — from conception to the defense of Christian civilization against the Masonic plot against humanity, CANNOT possibly succeed, then we are most certainly FAILING in trust in God and disappointing Saint Joseph, the protector of both Catholic Families, the Catholic Church, and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

And this sin against God we commit every time we vote for a Masonic party, a secularist party, a socialist party, and poo-poo those Catholics who say: NO, we should found a Catholic Party and be bold in proclaiming the restoration of Christendom.

For by Faith, we are solemnly, gravely and at all times obliged to trust that the cause of Jesus Christ will triumph, and to believe and hold as a political certitude, that every effort to proclaim and implement His teaching in the political order is always the blessed Will of the Most Holy Trinity, backed by all the Saints and Angels of Heaven.

For in truth, if God and the Saints can so miraculously answer the humble prayer of one Catholic woman listening to one fool of a friar, then God surely desires everything a Catholic Party would propose, and is deeply offended by everyone who speaks, acts or votes to the contrary. And this is so, because, it is more proper and easier that God grant great favors than that He grant little ones, because God finds difficulty in acting in a way less than a God and in a manner which conceals His Divine Glory and Power. And Saint Joseph, before all others saints, is a witness to this!

So let us reprehend ourselves for having wasted so many years and hours listening to a bunch of Catholic losers, cowards, and misbelievers, who tell us we must vote for the Masonic godless parties which rule our countries! Instead of reading newspapers and websites, listening to radio stations and tv channels, which say the opposite, and voting and supporting political initiatives of Catholics who believe in the politics of Saint Joseph. Amen!

Crisis Magazine rewrites Canon Law to make it square with Chirri’s Tweet

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Traduction française

Some people hate the truth for itself, because they want their own will to prevail upon all of reality.

But others hate the truth because they simply love something other than truth, more than the truth.

And alas, those who want human praise and companionship from the powerful elites of this world, are among the most inclined to dump the truth for the opinions of men.

In this category, quite emphatically, by its own admission is Crisis Magazine, even though it was founded by a Catholic who claims all the problems in the world stem from Jews.

Yet, Crisis Magazine wants so bad that all accept that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a very notable friend of modern Jewry — so much so that he opened an office for the World Jewish Council in the Vatican, in October of 2023 — was without a doubt elected validly as Pope in March of 2013 A. D., while Pope Benedict XVI was still alive.

And they marshal a very telling argument in the above article for their position, as can be seen from this screen shot taken on April 18, 2024, at 3:15 PM Rome time.

I am continually amazed that so many otherwise educated, mature, adult Catholics and news agencies can continue to use the most silly, childish arguments to support a patent lie. A lie launched by Giovanna Chirri on Feb. 11, 2013 in a tweet, as I reported in November of 2019. I subsequently explained the whole history of this in the internationally acclaimed documentary, published in 2021, “A Message in a Bottle”.

The “How do we know this?” in the above quotation from the article is answered in a very revealing way. For Crisis Magazine the Catholic epistemology whereby you know if a pope is validly elected or not, by comparing the circumstances of his alleged claims to the papacy with the norms of Canon Law is simply ignored in absolute silence. It cannot even be admitted to be true.

Nay, rather, the only way of knowing the truth is through human opinion, even when the only Canon on Papal Renunciations, Canon 332, says explicitly that a Papal Renunciation is NOT to be judged valid or not on the basis of human opinions.

Factually the claim made in the above quotation is also false on another ground, namely, when it claims not one Cardinal held that the Conclave of 2013 was invalid. There is at least one, and perhaps two.

The first was Cardinal Burke who until 2016 told ALL his confidants that he believed Pope Benedict XVI’s renunciation was invalid.

The second was the Cardinal in the Conclave who in the first ballot, voted for “Broglio”, an Italian term for “a fraud”.

For more on the Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI see here. For more on the invalidity of the Conclave of 2013 see here. For more about how the anti-Pope Francis became Pope Francis, see here.

This is just another demonstration that Crisis Magazine is not worth reading. It’s writers are entirely uninformed, do not even do the least research, have no preparation to discuss ecclesiastical affairs, and are even ignorant of the history of the Catholic Church in the last 12 years on major points. Yet they are well funded and cited by everyone.

Think about that.

Help found New Institute for Medieval Theology & Philosophy at Rome

Appeal by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Everyone in the Church, who has been attentive to the declines in our Holy Faith and especially in the formation of the clergy and religious of the Church, understands well the need for sound Catholic Education for the clergy and future clergy. This is not only true on account of the disastrous initiatives in our generation to divorce education from truth and virtue, but especially true because of the great number of initiatives which have placed their hope for the formation of minds, not in Christ Jesus, Who is Eternal Truth and Wisdom, but in ideas of cultural Marxism.

Unfortunately, there are few aware enough of the problems, who admire the true fonts of Catholic Education, which lie in Sacred Scripture and the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, most especially in those two great luminaries of minds and men, Saints Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure of Bagnoregio.

Back in 2016, I launched this dream of true renewal in the form of an institute of Scholastic Theology and Philosophy, a center for Medieval Studies, which would train youth today in the methods which Saints Thomas and Bonaventure preached and promoted.

Today, I can happily announce a new phase in the development of that institute, in the appointment of the Rev. Walter Covens as President, a position he has accepted with the approval of his ordinary in Martinique, Archbishop David Thomas Daniel Macaire, O.P., a Dominican Friar.

But to become a reality for students, this new Institute, The Scholasticum, needs urgently a place to house its activities and faculty and students: where they can study, attend classes, host conferences, sleep and eat, and in a place removed from the hustle and bustle of the city of Rome.

Such a place is currently on the market.

And here are a few photos of the property.

Which has 20 rooms and is about 1250 sq meters of interior space, that is, about 15,000 sq. Feet.

The price is 2.5 million euro. You can read more about this property here.

To savor the quality of education to be offered at our Institute, page through our Annuario which describes our Course Offerings.

While I understand that for most of my readers, that price is beyond their personal capacity, I know that some of them could fully afford it. Whether you can offer financial support for such a project, or purchase the property and allow us the charitable use of it for the institute, I am willing to consider all possibilities. I am willing even to consider offering an investment possibility through Ordo Militaris Inc., a Montana Stock Corporation, to those who would prefer co-investing in this property through an stock offering.

To speak with me personally, leave a message at +1 406 299 9260 by voice.

However, If you would like to contribute to a charitable fund dedicated to outfitting or purchasing such a property, please consider a very generous donation below, either via PayPal or Bank Wire.

Properties like this rarely come on the market in Italy, and thus I see this possibility as sign from the Glorious Saint Joseph, whose feast it is today, that I should ask and let that great Saint inspire you all with a good work for Holy Mother Church.

If we cannot acquire the property or use of this place as depicted above, all funds will be used to rent a place or pay for the expenses to begin classes telematically.

These funds are being collected in 501(c)(3) dedicated funds by Save Old St. Mary’s Inc., a MA 501c3 Charity and Ordo Militaris Inc., a Montana Stock Corporation. No part of these funds will be used for any other purpose than for the Scholasticum.



For Banks wires in United States Dollars (USD) from US or foreign Banks, add the Message: SCHOLASTICUM

For Bank wires in Euros (EUR), add the Message: SCHOLASTICUM

Account Name: Ordo Militaris Inc
IBAN: BE77967318468342
Bank: WISE, Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels, 1050, Belgium

For Bank wires in Australian Dollars (AUD) from Australian Banks, add the Message: SCHOLASTICUM

For Bank wires in Canadian Dollars (CAD), from Canadian Banks, add the Message: SCHOLASTICUM

For Bank wires in British Pounds Sterling (GBP), from UK Banks, add the Message: SCHOLASTICUM

VATICAN: Pope Francis approves as Assistant Prosecutor, key-man involved in London Property Debacle

Editor’s Note: Here is the first institutional implementation of ‘Dignitas infinita’: Pope Francis has decided to trash the public reputation of the Vatican criminal court by reconfirming in office of assistant prosecutor, a priest intimately involved in the London Real Estate Debacle which saw 10 years of Peter’s Pence Collections squandered in purchasing overvalued properties. Whether this individual turned state-evidence, as it were, or not, the reputation of the institution of the Court should not be sullied by continuing the individual in office. No one involved in criminal or fraudulent dealings should ever have any role in a criminal or civil court of any kind, as is obvious. This is another slap in the Face of Jesus Christ.

AUSTRALIA: Bishop Mar Mari stabbed during the Divine Liturgy by Islamic Terrorist

Please note, that as soon as the attacker was identified as a Muslim, Musk began censoring tweets about the event.

Editor’s Note: The Bishop was an outspoken critic of the Scamdemic and DeathVaxx. This attack is just one of many launched against opponents of the Globalist Great Reset. The Bishop is a Bishop of the Assyrian Orthodox Church. For our past coverage of Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel.

In the Aramean Assyrian Orthodox quarter of Sydney, the Christians are protesting the attack on the Bishop and a number of priests who were serving with him during the Liturgy.

After the congregation captured the assailant, they extracted from his a confession:

UPDATE: The attack has led to Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel having his own Wikipedia Article, here.

VATICAN Tribunal drops Defamation Suit against Silere Non Possum, in 30 minutes

Editor’s Note: The above article ends with some interesting and important questions. The net result is that Perfetti has received the moral equivalent of $10 Million in free advertising for his Journal’s new debut.  — Silere non possum is one of the cornerstones of Trad Inc. in Italy. So I am not surprised one bit, as this certainly looks like payback for protecting the crocodile.

VATICAN to oppose Mosaic-like laws against Sodomy & other sexual perversions

Editor’s Note: Here is a news article which proves that the only Catholics true to the name are those who joined the Sutri Initiative, and that all the others are carrying water for apostasy.

Now, all you Catholics from Africa, who believed that Pope Francis had repented of his evil ways, after the Cardinal from Kenya carved out an agreement of toleration for the African Bishops who by quoting Moses in the Old Testament, sought to justify by Divine Revelation that “gay blessings” were contrary to the Catholic Faith, have to give an answer for your toleration of this man on the Apostolic Throne. For God through Moses condemned sexual perverts to death, but now Pope Francis’ Vatican will oppose any such laws against sexual perversion, on the grounds that punishing sick sexual perverts and rapists is contrary to man’s “infinite” human dignity.

Let the whole Church, join with the readers of FromRome.Info, and shout, “OUT WITH THIS MONSTER! OUT WITH THIS HERETIC! OUT WITH THIS ABOMINATION!”

Vatican charges ‘Silere Non Possum’ Editor with defamation, will prosecute

Editor’s Note: The editor of Silere Non Possum, the Italian blog which often publishes the news of scandals at the Vatican, is to be prosecuted for defamation in the Vatican’s Tribunal, according to media reports received by the editor. In the article above he protests, that the Vatican penal code requires that the accused be notified of the charges before the press receives notice, and that as a resident in the territory of the Republic of Italy, charges be brought, not at the Vatican but in Italian territory.

However, this may be, it is  not clear to me that everyone knew who the editor of Silere Non Possum was.

His name is now known– Marco Felipe Perfetti — and he turns out to be a Lawyer at Rome, who while remarking that the Vatican prosecutor has no academic degree in Law at the Vatican or in Italian territory, often himself comments on Church affairs though he has apparently no academic degree or training in Ecclesiastical Affairs.

Perfetti was notorious in recent years for saying Pope Benedict XVI validly abdicated, and ridiculing those who held a different position, a thing which as a lawyer he should have at least been discrete enough to admit that it might have be outside his competence to discern. Nevertheless, there is no problem, because his new website, which is by no means a blog, has removed all his past articles on the controversy, and begun a new fresh presentation, obviously at some expense. — Legally this is a smart move, since no one can easily sustain a suit against him for past defamation if the articles in which it appeared have disappeared from the web. And this is perhaps because Silere Non Possum is now published by an Association, not by Perfetti personally, for such a move allows the Association to proceed forward without the baggage of past liability issues.

Nevertheless, ironically, he is now being sued for defamation for ostensibly revealing the scandal of the Rupnik affair, step by step, at Rome. This is another case of those, who said the antipope was always the pope, being eaten by the crocodile they protected.


This report by The Pillar, again, like the previous one regarding the Cardinal Vicar of Rome, makes it appear that the Cardinal Vicar sought to defend Rupnik, even though he was strongly in favor of the investigation. Also, The Pillar, I think errs in calling Perfetti a journalist, since in Italy, to be a journalist, one has to be inscribed in the Order of Journalists and get an official license.

However, it is true, that if you publish news daily, you are a journalist by the original meaning of the word. However, if you call your journal, “I cannot be silent”, which in Latin is, Silere non possum, you are inviting your readers to presume that you may be involved in defamation, by definition, since defamation occurs when the facts about a person, which are private, are published, to the detriment of his public reputation.

Christ is our High Priest, even in the darkest moments and in the darkest souls

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Christ Jesus not only redeemed the world on the Cross, on April 3, 33 A. D., He continues that Redemptive Prayer today before the Throne of His Eternal Father in the Empyrean Heaven.

The power of His prayer for us is beyond anything we can imagine. It is the prayer of a Son with infinite dignity by nature, offered through His Sacred Humanity raised to the infinite dignity of nobility by being joined to His Divine Person in the Hypostatic Union.

We, on the other hand, are of a very limited dignity, being not much higher than animals and far far below that of Angels and demons.

Yet, in God’s eternity He chose some of us before the world began to be holy and righteous in His sight, and thus loved many from all eternity, beyond any measure of justice or proportionality, because He loved us because He willed to love us, and not for any forseen merit of our own.

God’s incomprehensible mercy goes even further, in that He has loved some from eternity who He foreknew would always hate him, and yet, to these He willed that they one day come to be, be born, be baptized and even be raised to the highest dignities here on earth in His Church, the Mystical Body of His Son.

For these souls, loved more than billions of others, yet who reject Him day after day, the Eternal Son of God still stands interceding with His Father for them.

And this explains why even in the darkest moments of history and in the darkest and most sin-ridden souls of men, Christ’s High Priestly prayer is at work.

The world was witness to this power on Monday of the present week, when Cardinal Archbishop Fernandez, declared that Pope Francis, “has decided not to teach any new doctrine ex cathedra”.

This was an open admission that he knows he could be wrong and that it would be unjust to  impose his personal views on the Church.

And that is the minimal required to make it clear that, the Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church, and, that the words of Christ, “I have prayed for you Simon that your faith may not fail” are as true today as they ever have been.

And for this epiphany of the Divine Power and Mercy, the whole Church has the duty to thank the Catholics who participated personally or financially or by their prayers, in seeing that Pope Benedict XVI had a juridically valid elected successor, at the Assembly of Apostolic Right on January 30, 2023. For by that election, they trusted in Christ promise to Peter and his Successors in canon Law, “Whatsoever you bind upon earth, shall be bound in Heaven”, and thus made Jorge Mario Bergoglio instantly the object and attention of Christ’s special prayer and promise of grace to Simon, as Peter.*

For there is no other theological or canonical explanation that can explain what we have just seen, on Monday.

Let us praise God! And let us take confidence in the power of our High Priest, who stands before the Father’s Face, always interceding for each one of us, especially when we ask Him to do so!


* “immediately”, because , by his habitual consent to be the Pope he consented tacitly even to this election, whether he knew or knows of it or not.