VATICAN: Wind blows down Icon of Christ the Redeemer at Papal Mass

Editor’s Note: It is an ancient Catholic belief, that Icons are windows to Heaven, and that those who look at them with faith are seen by those depicted in the Icons, from the realm of Heaven. This being so, evidently the Lord simply cannot stand the sight of Pope Francis celebrating Mass any more, since by his utter perfidy against the Catholic Faith, Pope Francis has made his celebration of the Sacraments nothing more than an act of pure hypocrisy.

This sign follows that of the lighting which stripped the statue of Saint Peter, in Argentina, of its halo and keys, the day before Pope Francis published ‘Fiducia supplicans’ (with his own signature on it). For more on that, see here, and here.

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5 thoughts on “VATICAN: Wind blows down Icon of Christ the Redeemer at Papal Mass”

  1. The best thing we all can do for Pope Francis is to keep on telling him the truth in what he, and others, might consider criticism. But, Elijah, the prophet spoke the truth in firey language. It’s better than the Pope losing his soul in mortal sin and going to Hell forever.

  2. Wickedness is stupid in the end. It’s a bad deal for the wicked for sure but the wicked insists just as much as an ordinary sinner tends to fall in the same sin over and over. The problem lies in the seriousness of what this poor man is trying to do.

    I bet we shall see some kind of chastisement. I can certainly see a retraction of divine grace around the world.

  3. Top left panel looks like the Crucified.
    No idea on the other panels; center piece looks like Christ Pantocrator.

    Christus vincit.
    Christus regnat.
    Christus imperat.

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