Bishop Eleganti: Pope Francis is gravely responsible for approving the Scandemic

Editor’s Note: This is an excellent on the point criticism of Pope Francis, explaining why — even if he were perfectly orthodox, which he is absolutely not — he should burn in Hell for all eternity for what he did during the Pandemic, right along with Bill Gates and the president of the WEF.

However, don’t forget that LifeSite news which is publishing the piece by Bishop Eleganti, was the same LifeSite news which told Catholics to wear the DeathMask and comply with the Lockdowns.

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3 thoughts on “Bishop Eleganti: Pope Francis is gravely responsible for approving the Scandemic”

  1. I have not yet read the article, but I recall saying (to anyone who would listen — which is a very small group) that the convid bio-weopon attack and lockdowns could never have continued or succeeded if the Pope (here anti-pope) had stood up and said no we will not comply with the anti-Christ demands to close Churches, lockdown societies, wear masks and receive an abortion (baby murder) tainted death jab.

    1. I agree Catherine. In my opinion, the worse thing he said was, “taking the vaccine is an act of love”.

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