A Note on “Dignitas Infinita”

FromRome.Info will not be discussing or citing this document from the “Dicastery” for the Doctrine of the Faith, because, we recognize that with the Apostolic See impeded by the heretical profession contained in “Fiducia supplicans”, there is no possible Catholic response or acceptance of “Dignitas infinita”.

We also recognize that all those in the Church who do recognize this latest document and discuss it, are implicitly saying that “Fiducia supplicans” is acceptable or tolerable and that the Apostolic See is not impeded.

As has been said before, the very notion that man has by nature an “infinite dignity” or that by grace man is exalted to an infinite dignity is heretical and nonsensical as well as irrational, because by the very fact that man is a creature his dignity (a term which always refers to the inherent being of a thing) remains always limited, even when restored and redeemed in Christ. Only the dignity of Christ is infinite, because of the Hypostatic Union, and after Him only the dignity of the Mother of God is “quasi infinite” for having begotten the same One, Him who is Greater than the Universe.

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3 thoughts on “A Note on “Dignitas Infinita””

  1. Haereses infinitae

    My Latin’s long lost, but since the official document is entitled “of infinite dignity”, I believe “of infinite heresies” is more appropriate.

    More logically correct (at least in English):

    Deceptiones innumerabilis

    Of innumerable [uncountable] deceptions.

    1. When you eclipse God by saying it is licit and good and evangelical to use His Sacred Name to bless the worst sexual perversions,
      Then of course, you will think that your own dignity is infinite.

      This is the theological procession of Lucifer to Satan.

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