The Scamdemic was and is, first of all, a war on the Mind

Editor’s Note: While much of this is already known to the readers of FromRome.Info, there are some errors in it, because its author has not yet fully unplugged from the false narrative. The spike protein and Sars-cov2 never existed in reality. But the propaganda was a war against natural and unforced methods and manners of thought.

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2 thoughts on “The Scamdemic was and is, first of all, a war on the Mind”

  1. The real truth is that virology is a hoax, which will reveal that each and every so-called virus outbreak is a lab grown disease created by [U.S.] Military Ops for genocide.

    Once they report that, the truth will open. They will realize why these people shot with vaccines CAN NOT be cured.

  2. ‘The concept of “menticide” indicates an organized system of judicial perversion and psychological intervention, in which a powerful tyrant transfers his own thoughts and words into the minds and mouths of the victims he plans to destroy or to use for his own propaganda.’

    See The Crime of Menticide, Joost A. M. Meerloo, 1 April 2006, The American Journal of Psychiatry, Abstract at:

    Other sources state that the term menticide was first used in the 1950’s.

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