Christ is our High Priest, even in the darkest moments and in the darkest souls

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Christ Jesus not only redeemed the world on the Cross, on April 3, 33 A. D., He continues that Redemptive Prayer today before the Throne of His Eternal Father in the Empyrean Heaven.

The power of His prayer for us is beyond anything we can imagine. It is the prayer of a Son with infinite dignity by nature, offered through His Sacred Humanity raised to the infinite dignity of nobility by being joined to His Divine Person in the Hypostatic Union.

We, on the other hand, are of a very limited dignity, being not much higher than animals and far far below that of Angels and demons.

Yet, in God’s eternity He chose some of us before the world began to be holy and righteous in His sight, and thus loved many from all eternity, beyond any measure of justice or proportionality, because He loved us because He willed to love us, and not for any forseen merit of our own.

God’s incomprehensible mercy goes even further, in that He has loved some from eternity who He foreknew would always hate him, and yet, to these He willed that they one day come to be, be born, be baptized and even be raised to the highest dignities here on earth in His Church, the Mystical Body of His Son.

For these souls, loved more than billions of others, yet who reject Him day after day, the Eternal Son of God still stands interceding with His Father for them.

And this explains why even in the darkest moments of history and in the darkest and most sin-ridden souls of men, Christ’s High Priestly prayer is at work.

The world was witness to this power on Monday of the present week, when Cardinal Archbishop Fernandez, declared that Pope Francis, “has decided not to teach any new doctrine ex cathedra”.

This was an open admission that he knows he could be wrong and that it would be unjust to  impose his personal views on the Church.

And that is the minimal required to make it clear that, the Gates of Hell will not prevail against the Church, and, that the words of Christ, “I have prayed for you Simon that your faith may not fail” are as true today as they ever have been.

And for this epiphany of the Divine Power and Mercy, the whole Church has the duty to thank the Catholics who participated personally or financially or by their prayers, in seeing that Pope Benedict XVI had a juridically valid elected successor, at the Assembly of Apostolic Right on January 30, 2023. For by that election, they trusted in Christ promise to Peter and his Successors in canon Law, “Whatsoever you bind upon earth, shall be bound in Heaven”, and thus made Jorge Mario Bergoglio instantly the object and attention of Christ’s special prayer and promise of grace to Simon, as Peter.*

For there is no other theological or canonical explanation that can explain what we have just seen, on Monday.

Let us praise God! And let us take confidence in the power of our High Priest, who stands before the Father’s Face, always interceding for each one of us, especially when we ask Him to do so!


* “immediately”, because , by his habitual consent to be the Pope he consented tacitly even to this election, whether he knew or knows of it or not.

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14 thoughts on “Christ is our High Priest, even in the darkest moments and in the darkest souls”

  1. Deo Gratias. Thank you, Br. Alexis Bugnolo, in all that you did to bring about a valid election of the successor of +Pope Benedict XVI. I consider it a great privilege to have participated, in a small way, by helping with a small donation, in this great work.

    May I ask you and your readers for your prayers. I am preparing an audition for a Catholic sacred music conference and I will need grace for all the details to fall into place before the deadline on Monday.
    I will need the approval of a Franciscan friar to record in Mission Xavier del Bac. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this post. So many have lost their faith because of Pope Francis. I intend to share this in the hope that those who have doubted or rejected will return to The Faith.

  3. Brother

    Where was this reported? I am referring to
    Cardinal Archbishop Fernandez’s comment, declaring that Pope Francis, “has decided not to teach any new doctrine ex cathedra”.

    1. ““Pope Francis won’t ever speak ex cathedra,” Fernandez said. “He won’t want to create a new dogma of the faith—not for anything—nor [will he make] a definitive declaration,” Fernandez said. “I hope I’m not mistaken,” he said, “but I am just about 100% sure.”

      Again,speaking of Pope Francis, Fernandez said …

      “Regarding Pope Francis’ magisterium, the Vatican Prefect took the opportunity to offer a clarification.

      “Some people who used to adore the Pope now say that the Pope should only be listened to when speaking ex cathedra. ‘If it’s not so, we can form our own opinion.’ Listen, the Pope will never speak ex cathedra, will never want to create a dogma of faith or a definitive declaration. I am almost 100% sure. We believe that in addition to the charisma of infallibility, the Pope has the assistance of the Spirit to guide and enlighten the Church.” And they betray the oath of obedience to the Holy Father of their ordination, the Cardinals, bishops, and priests “who treat the Pope as a heretic, against the tradition of the Church.”

  4. Thank you, Brother, for the article. Off-topic, I need your help by answering the following question: Was the blood coming from the stigmata of Padre Pio his own blood or the blood of Christ? I’m asking because some people I know are in contact with a person claiming to have “stigmas,” and he is asserting that the blood from the stigmas is the blood of Christ (assuming he indeed has the stigmas, but that’s a separate issue). He is distributing pieces of cloth with his blood, claiming it to be the blood of Christ. I’m seeking your assistance to put an end to what I think is idolatry by answering that question or pointing me to some sources to end the discussion. I already told them to go to the bishop, but I think I will have to go myself. Thank you.

    1. No one has ever claimed before that the blood which poured forth from the stigmata of any Saint was the Blood of Christ, because the entire theological reason for God giving the stigmata to Saints is not to make them icons of Christ, but to share His passion with them. For anyone to claim such a thing is clearly a sign that he is inspired by a devil of pride. By the way, Christ’s blood is AB- according to the consistent testimony of Eucharistic Miracles.

      1. Brother, this is very interesting. I’ve always read that Jesus had AB positive. AB – is the rarest blood type. Rh – in general is comprised of about only 15% of the world’s population.

        I have always been fascinated by this. O- is the universal donor. O+ can receive O-, but O- cannot receive O+. Sometimes in pregnancy a Rh- mother’s body will reject a baby with a Rh+ blood of the blood is mixed. Antibodies are created and the fetus is attacked.

        The bloodline has been a source of speculation. As a mother and nurse with Rh- blood I’ve always found it a fascinating mystery.

  5. Thank you very much for your prayers. The Franciscan priest said no, but the receptionist at the Cathedral said yes. Many thanks. Prayers of gratitude for you, Br. Alexis and the faithful here at who also assisted in bringing about the valid election of +Pope Benedict’s successor. May God bless you.

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