AUSTRALIA: Bishop Mar Mari stabbed during the Divine Liturgy by Islamic Terrorist

Please note, that as soon as the attacker was identified as a Muslim, Musk began censoring tweets about the event.

Editor’s Note: The Bishop was an outspoken critic of the Scamdemic and DeathVaxx. This attack is just one of many launched against opponents of the Globalist Great Reset. The Bishop is a Bishop of the Assyrian Orthodox Church. For our past coverage of Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel.

In the Aramean Assyrian Orthodox quarter of Sydney, the Christians are protesting the attack on the Bishop and a number of priests who were serving with him during the Liturgy.

After the congregation captured the assailant, they extracted from his a confession:

UPDATE: The attack has led to Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel having his own Wikipedia Article, here.

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6 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Bishop Mar Mari stabbed during the Divine Liturgy by Islamic Terrorist”

  1. Apparently, this Bishop denies the B. V. M. is the God Bearer, the holy Mother of God, the Theotokos ; rather that she was simply His ‘earthly mother’.

    (I can’t confirm this, however it comes to me via a close mutual friend of one of God’s holiest priests presently in this world, and based in Sydney’s inner-west, and who has warned of this man’s teachings.)

    What was it you were saying about bad priests and the Lord’s patience?

    1. The Assyrian Orthodox Church does not call our Lady Mother of God, because they do not use the phrase “mother of God” in the sense that God in that phrase names the Divine Person with the Nature, not the Nature itself. They have been doing this since the 4th century. And by no means do they mean to say that Jesus is not God or that Mary is not His Mother.

  2. Correct, we must make sure not to deliberately misunderstand other people’s statements, especially as people who are ourselves so often misrepresented.

    As for this Muslim….I gotta say, his attempt to murder this critic of Islam is soooo convincing that I think I’ll go covert to Islam now!

    In other news, I found this a bit surprising. (something like 12 thousand baptisms in France on this Easter vigil.)

    1. Martyrdom is the seed of Christianity.

      I forgot from whom above quote is, but the Jesus DID say:

      No greater love than this, to lay your life for a friend.

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