Russian-Ukrainian War Losses in March 2024

It should be obvious, that Ukraine is doing a fabulous job at defending Europe, so that EU residents do not have to die and have their own cities destroyed. We should all be thanking and praying for Ukrainian armed forces personnel daily.

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4 thoughts on “Russian-Ukrainian War Losses in March 2024”

  1. Personnally I deplore all human losses.. whatever the propaganda both sides communicates.
    War is good only for some predators, never for us. Let’s just zoom on the predators first, in this story.
    Concerning Europe, ok. If it’s EU, I wish to see one day the EU collapse. The sooner the better. Why? Because EU is sovietoid, indeed. Since the Berliner wall fall, sides have reversed; slowly but obviously.

  2. The older I get the more I get the sense that all of the media output from almost all sources, ie. Movies, television, newspapers, etc 3x, ..
    has been crafted and engineered to cause me to think a certain way, ie their way, even if they claim to give 2 sides to the story, or narrative they are indoctrination me with.. like I am a person who can’t use my own intellect and will power to make my own choices and decisions. And I hate that !!

  3. How is it that a man so educated could be so stupid? Maybe he is insane or is paid to be stupid. You should really stick to theology and canon law.

    1. As a professional in mental health, you should avoid trolling Catholic journals who merely report the news. It does not look good on your resume.

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