Crisis Magazine rewrites Canon Law to make it square with Chirri’s Tweet

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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Some people hate the truth for itself, because they want their own will to prevail upon all of reality.

But others hate the truth because they simply love something other than truth, more than the truth.

And alas, those who want human praise and companionship from the powerful elites of this world, are among the most inclined to dump the truth for the opinions of men.

In this category, quite emphatically, by its own admission is Crisis Magazine, even though it was founded by a Catholic who claims all the problems in the world stem from Jews.

Yet, Crisis Magazine wants so bad that all accept that Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a very notable friend of modern Jewry — so much so that he opened an office for the World Jewish Council in the Vatican, in October of 2023 — was without a doubt elected validly as Pope in March of 2013 A. D., while Pope Benedict XVI was still alive.

And they marshal a very telling argument in the above article for their position, as can be seen from this screen shot taken on April 18, 2024, at 3:15 PM Rome time.

I am continually amazed that so many otherwise educated, mature, adult Catholics and news agencies can continue to use the most silly, childish arguments to support a patent lie. A lie launched by Giovanna Chirri on Feb. 11, 2013 in a tweet, as I reported in November of 2019. I subsequently explained the whole history of this in the internationally acclaimed documentary, published in 2021, “A Message in a Bottle”.

The “How do we know this?” in the above quotation from the article is answered in a very revealing way. For Crisis Magazine the Catholic epistemology whereby you know if a pope is validly elected or not, by comparing the circumstances of his alleged claims to the papacy with the norms of Canon Law is simply ignored in absolute silence. It cannot even be admitted to be true.

Nay, rather, the only way of knowing the truth is through human opinion, even when the only Canon on Papal Renunciations, Canon 332, says explicitly that a Papal Renunciation is NOT to be judged valid or not on the basis of human opinions.

Factually the claim made in the above quotation is also false on another ground, namely, when it claims not one Cardinal held that the Conclave of 2013 was invalid. There is at least one, and perhaps two.

The first was Cardinal Burke who until 2016 told ALL his confidants that he believed Pope Benedict XVI’s renunciation was invalid.

The second was the Cardinal in the Conclave who in the first ballot, voted for “Broglio”, an Italian term for “a fraud”.

For more on the Renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI see here. For more on the invalidity of the Conclave of 2013 see here. For more about how the anti-Pope Francis became Pope Francis, see here.

This is just another demonstration that Crisis Magazine is not worth reading. It’s writers are entirely uninformed, do not even do the least research, have no preparation to discuss ecclesiastical affairs, and are even ignorant of the history of the Catholic Church in the last 12 years on major points. Yet they are well funded and cited by everyone.

Think about that.

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6 thoughts on “Crisis Magazine rewrites Canon Law to make it square with Chirri’s Tweet”

  1. Are they still alive? Wow! It is amazing how that thing survives along with America Magazine and First Things.

    Read the Fathers, read truth.

    1. I have noticed the” truth” spoken of in paragraph 3 …close up and first hand, especially in the Democrats.
      Cozying up to an important person, political, religious, or just successful and rich,when you know you are really a nobody, somehow makes a person feel he’s important also. And that person will follow the party narrative based on emotion, not on true facts. And if that decision is emotional, that is the true definition of protestantism , and the basic difference in Protestantism and Catholicism., as defined by scholarly studies. Intellect and will vs emotion.

  2. Then times that I have been able to have someone engage me in conversation about Pope Francis’s election being invalid, I have often gotten the “not one Cardinal has objected” response. The only thing we manage to agree is that a future Pope will clarify the situation….. but my concern is how long will it take before this happens and how much destruction will the church suffer.

    1. The average Catholic in the pew no doubt will give this response, “None of the Cardinals etc.”, because they honestly admit that they do not know how to know the truth and in matters in which they recognized themselves to be incapable of knowing the truth, they rely on the opinion of others. When one is truly ignorant, there is nothing much to blame about such a manner of acting. But when you run a “Catholic” “Magazine” and proffer advice to the Catholic world about how to avoid the “Crisis” of our times, that way of acting is professionally incompetent and indeed implies a fraud on its readership.

  3. The fraud started with the Communion with the hand introduced at the same time with the fraud like Kowalska’s Divine Mercy.

    I pray the death of Pope Francis I would signal the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

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