The Politics of Saint Joseph, Protector of the Church

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have recently been the witness to the powerful intercession of Saint Joseph, protector of the Church.

You see, nearly 2 years ago, I made one of my last trips to pray at Midnight in the Piazza of Santa Maria Maggiore, for the Supplica, as I was wont to do since February of 2020.

On that occasion, a Catholic woman, who in the past had remarked to me that finding a good husband is neigh impossible now a days, made the effort and came to the Supplica.

Before the Supplica began, moved by trust in Saint Joseph’s great power before the Throne of Jesus and Mary, I chided this woman to trust in God. And since she was having difficulty in this, because she had prayed for many years and never found a man worthy of Catholic Marriage, who wanted a family, I boldly told her to trust in Saint Joseph.

Whether led by a spirit of folly or divine inspiration, I blurted out: If you want to find a worthy husband, you need to entrust this matter to Saint Joseph, who will not fail you, since he wants all Catholic women to find good husbands and raise children in the Lord.

And to this boldness, she replied asking a specific manner of praying to obtain this great grace.

And so I boldly promised her, that if she made a novena for 30 days to Saint Joseph, praying the prayer of Pope Leo XIII, which is normally said after the Rosary, that on the 30th day, if she went to Church, she would find the man God wanted for her.

And after I said that, I felt somewhat ridiculous, because I felt that I should have not made such a solemn promise, seeing that Saint Joseph had given me no sign.

A year later, however, I found out that I had not only not offended the Great Saint, but that he took the matter in his charge. For she heeded my counsel and made a novena, and lo, on the 30th day, she went to the traditional Catholic Mass at London, and met a man she never met before, a devout Catholic man.

And so she began to court him, and within 90 days, they were both so enamored of one another that he proposed and she accepted. They invited me to their wedding last year, at the beginning of May. It was held in London.

And in the feast of the Glorious Saint Joseph, this year, in the traditional rite, their first child was born.

And to top it off, since he was born in the United Kingdom, the parents had the option of refusing all vaccinations which are normally given. For example in Italy, it is obligatory to give all newborns 15 vaccines including the DeathVaxx.

So, Saint Joseph not only heard her prayers, but granted that their first child be protected from the satanic plot to deathvaxx all children.

The moral of this story is this: it is never wrong to boldly trust in Saint Joseph, and encourage others to do the same, in the quest for honest favors and graces, like this fool of a friar did and this devout and serious woman did. Saint Joseph will surprise you greatly.

The Politics of Saint Joseph

But here the story does not end, because now it is clear why if we Catholics keep listening to those who claim to be Catholic but who say that the return to a Catholic State and a political agenda which is purely one based on our holy Faith — that is anti-Globalist and pro-restoration of Christendom — from conception to the defense of Christian civilization against the Masonic plot against humanity, CANNOT possibly succeed, then we are most certainly FAILING in trust in God and disappointing Saint Joseph, the protector of both Catholic Families, the Catholic Church, and the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

And this sin against God we commit every time we vote for a Masonic party, a secularist party, a socialist party, and poo-poo those Catholics who say: NO, we should found a Catholic Party and be bold in proclaiming the restoration of Christendom.

For by Faith, we are solemnly, gravely and at all times obliged to trust that the cause of Jesus Christ will triumph, and to believe and hold as a political certitude, that every effort to proclaim and implement His teaching in the political order is always the blessed Will of the Most Holy Trinity, backed by all the Saints and Angels of Heaven.

For in truth, if God and the Saints can so miraculously answer the humble prayer of one Catholic woman listening to one fool of a friar, then God surely desires everything a Catholic Party would propose, and is deeply offended by everyone who speaks, acts or votes to the contrary. And this is so, because, it is more proper and easier that God grant great favors than that He grant little ones, because God finds difficulty in acting in a way less than a God and in a manner which conceals His Divine Glory and Power. And Saint Joseph, before all others saints, is a witness to this!

So let us reprehend ourselves for having wasted so many years and hours listening to a bunch of Catholic losers, cowards, and misbelievers, who tell us we must vote for the Masonic godless parties which rule our countries! Instead of reading newspapers and websites, listening to radio stations and tv channels, which say the opposite, and voting and supporting political initiatives of Catholics who believe in the politics of Saint Joseph. Amen!

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6 thoughts on “The Politics of Saint Joseph, Protector of the Church”

  1. Amazing Brother!

    I also have a story about St Joseph. Thirteen years ago my family and I moved to Spain. Nine years ago we bought a house and put our previous home (in Belgium) on the market. We prayed fervently to St Joseph everday until we sold it. When we did I felt an obligation to make an act of thanks giving so I prayed and asked St Joseph where he wanted me to make a donation. Two days later, at lunch with my work colleagues one of them brought up (unprompted by me) something about the Little Sisters of the Poor, something very unusal since none of them are practicing Catholics. I took this as a sign and arranged to visit a Retirement residence run by the Little Sister of the Poor which a did so a day or so later. I presented myself at the reception and was taken on a tour of the residence by one of the nuns. She mentioned that they refuse government subsidies, relying exclusively on donations since it allows them to choose the poorest elderly people to serve. Finally we returned to the entrance where she showed me the statue of their patron saint. It was Saint Joseph!

  2. Brother

    This weekend are the autonomic elections where I live. If as a Catholic, I should not vote for masonic parties which all of them are, how should I vote? Should I make a blank vote? Or should I not vote at all?

    There used to be a Catholic party here (Partido Vida y Familia) but there are only candidates in another region.

    1. In Australia it is compulsory to vote, or at least to turn up to vote. I handed in a blank ballot at a very recent election). Generally, I have not voted for any party in the last 11 years, because there is never anyone I feel I can vote for, morally speaking. The one exception to this was in about 2022 when we were trying to vote for minor parties opposed to the deathvaxx, and that was just to send a message to the major parties, but unfortunately we didn’t succeed in our aim there. But I agree with Brother that we must trust in God and vote[1] Catholic!

  3. Many thanks for this beautiful & inspiring account of the intercession of St Joseph.

    I am fairly sure that I know the married couple you refer to, whose first child was born earlier this week – indeed I was in receipt of a ‘circular’ e-mail from them announcing the good news! I first met them about a year ago at a Sung TLM in London and thought it remarkable when I heard their courtship story…….so let us pray for St Joseph’s continued intercession in their lives now that they have the awesome responsibility of ‘raising’ their first child in the Catholic Faith.

    DEO gratias.
    Christus vincit;
    Christus regnat;
    Christus imperat.

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