Candace Owens converts to the Catholic Faith

Editor’s Note: Our prayers and congratulations for the heroic witness to the truth that Candace Owens has given to the world by her conversion to the Catholic Faith, in these trying times. Her husband, George Farmer, is the former CEO of Parler, and converted to the Catholic Faith while a student at Oxford University. — Let’s hope that someone tells them that they have to get married again in the Catholic Church, if their first marriage was not by a Catholic Priest and with the promise on her part to convert. For in the latter case, the Sacrament of Matrimony revives upon her baptism or acceptance in the Church. — She announced the news on Passover, which was particularly significant witness about who is the True Messiah and in what consists the true Passover: Baptism into Christ Jesus.

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11 thoughts on “Candace Owens converts to the Catholic Faith”

  1. A marriage in the Catholic Church between a Catholic and a non-Catholic requires that he non-Catholic promise to raise according to the Catholic Faith any children that come of the marriage union. They do not have to promise to convert themselves to the Catholic Faith in order for the marriage to be valid. They do not have to get married again if the non-Catholic later Converts, as their marriage is already valid.

    1. No, there is no Sacrament of Matrimony unless both are baptized in the Catholic Church or members by conversion, and promise a Catholic Marriage. If one is not baptized, they must promise to convert to the Catholic Faith and raise the children as Catholics. If one is Christian but not Catholic, they must promise to raise the children as Catholics and keep Matrimony in the Catholic sense. In all other cases the Marriage is a Connubium, not a Matrimonium. That is, it is a natural marriage, and not per se a sin to enter into, but without the grace of Christ to keep it together. As such the Church does not consider it a valid Sacramental marriage, and if dissolved it is not an obstacle to a Catholic Marriage with another. — Before the new code of canon law, no distinction was made between marrying a non-christian and marrying a non-Catholic chirstian, as both marriage were considered connumbia, if there was no promise to raise the Children catholic and to convert to the Catholic Faith.

      I think that was the better discipline, because non-Catholic Christians must be presumed to reject indissoluble Matrimony and cannot have true faith in the Sacrament, outside of the Catholic Church.

  2. The Grifter Collect are congratulating her, before I congratulate, need to see more proof and that this isn’t an angle she will now grift on; meaning it’s not a true conversion.

    1. Same goes for Russell Brand who is promoting the ‘Hallow’ app, and is an admirer of WEF psychopath, Noah Harare who wants to microchip and program humanity so it no longer has free will.

  3. Please forgive my ignorance, but what about for two Catholics married by a Justice of the Peace, or for two Catholics married by a Protestant minister?

    1. Two Catholics married by a justice of the peace is connubium, and not the Sacrament of Matrimony If there is a Catholic priest approachable, and they can marry in the Church, but decided not too, then objectively they are sinning gravely as Catholics, since one of the duties of Baptism is to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony, when marrying. However, if one of them is already married civilly to another, then they commit bigamy. But if divorced, and the previous marriage is a connubium, not a Matrimony, then its not an addition sin. But if one or both were previously married in the Church and both are not civilly married any longer, because the one(s) married are divorced in civil law, but not yet annulled by the Church, they sin gravely against obedience to Christ, since they should await the judgement of the Church first, and not rely on their own personal judgement that their former marriage was invalid. But if it was not invalid, then they also commit adultery by marrying another.

      Bigamists and adulterers cannot receive communion for as long as they remain with the other. And they should rectify their relationship ASAP to regain the grace of God and return to Him. If one was in a valid marriage but divorced their spouse civilly, then whoever moved for the divorce, and possibly both, are guilty of a great sin, and if both are guilty, the first one who dies will go to hell, but the second, if they repent, can be saved. Unless of course, both repent and return to the Marriage, or at least receive the penance from the Church of living in perpetual separation, if the Tribunal of Matrimony imposes this.

      1. Brother Alexis, I have a question please. A girl I know was married to someone in a Catholic Church, divorced him and as far as I am aware did not receive an annulment and has now married another in an Anglican Church. They also had a baby out of wedlock and had the baby baptised in the Anglican Church at the same time. To complicate things further, this lady was actually a convert to Catholicism (having been received into the Church whilst a student at Oxford) and was originally baptised in the same Anglican Church. What is the position please in such a case and what is like to happen to such an individual given the choices they have made?

      2. In the sight of God, she is a bigamist and adulteress, and will be damned to the eternal inferno.

    1. If a bigamist or adulterer repents, that means he or she has left the sinful relationship and that household and never holds company with that other person again, and then returns to the real spouse, humbly asks forgiveness and returns to that household and relationship (if that person will have them back). Any other kind of repentance, for those who were validly married before committing bigamy or adultery is fake and cannot save, even if it were to contain fasts and penances more than the Saints or work miracles, they will still be damned.

      But if their true and first spouse will not have them back, because their sins against him or her are to great for him or her to emotionally sustain their presence together, then yes let them both be humble fast and pray, and when God sends the grace for them to return together, to return together.

      But some persons do not have the psychological ability or virtue to marry and every marriage they enter into will fail. They should then do penance and seek an annulment of the first marriage and all subsequent marriages, and then live in penance and humility on their own for the rest of their lives.

  4. Those are some hard truths Brother B. Thank you for explaining them. Bottom line- if a person truly wishes to be saved, they must be obedient to the Church in her decisions and do everything possible to repent and reconcile.

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