Dr. Jane Ruby: Parasites & the Counterfeit Modern Medical Industry

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Ruby: Parasites & the Counterfeit Modern Medical Industry”

  1. Death penalty should be given to those who planted worms in our processed food. In other words, stoned to death in public.

  2. Hello Dr. Ruby.
    Have you heard of Hulda Clark? She researched this biz about parasites about 25-30 years ago. She was very thorough and published her findings in several books.

    1. Hello Jennifer, thanks for the reminder about Hulda Clark. I had forgotten her name. I completed her liver cleanse about 10 years ago with great success.

  3. I read somewhere that worms react to differents frequencies,hum…does it have to do something related to 5G,orEMF… hum… B.Bugnolo we gone post as Number 6 from now on ,for more privacy,

    1. All living things respond to electric fields in some way, since electric fields are in all compounds and atoms.

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