AUSTRALIA: Court says Video of Muslim Stabbing Bishop will cause irreparable harm

Editor’s note: … To the globalist narrative, about the “Religion of Peace”. The last thing the Globalists want is a return to Crusading. This video which has inspired many Christians to finally stand up and stop taking a beating from their enemies, is thus prime candidate for censorship. — Narrative control works indirectly. Images showing any opponent of Globalism committing an act of terror are fine, but not the other way around. If Christians actually saw the images of their brothers and sisters in Christ being murdered and maimed and attacked, night and day, as they are being, Christendom would soon have a new army of Crusading Christians. And that is the darkest nightmare of Globalist and Rothschild agents. — But this suit is mostly to make Musk seem to be the opponent of censorship, when in truth, he censored these very videos within an hour of their publication and has heavily censored organizations which tell the truth about terrorism, from the day he appointed Yaccharino as CEO.

UPDATE: Man stabs Catholic outside of Church in San Francisco, while yelling, “Jesus is not real!”

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