3 thoughts on “CANADA: Montreal to require IDs to leave City”

  1. Hi Brother,

    I could be wrong but I’m fairly certain that the municipality of Ilse de-la-Madeleine is actually quite far from Montreal. I searched a little on-line and discovered that if I wanted to drive there I would have to first go to Prince Edward Island and then take a 5 hour ferry. It is legally part of the province of Quebec however, which means that the islands are quite isolated.

    Please correct me if there actually is a proposal in the Montreal area to track and control travel.

    Thank you for keeping a keen eye on the geopolitical scene and I appreciate your perspectives regarding our Holy Catholic Church.

    God bless,

    Fr. Anthony Hannon

    1. As much as i followed it, there was mention of bridges and ferries and Montreal and the Ilse de la Madeleine.

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