VATICAN promotes MagisteriumAI to tell Catholics what to think

Editor’s Note: The CEO of Longbeard has developed a ChatGPT to teach Catholics what to believe. It is called, MagisteriumAI. As I warned in Friday’s show at OMC Radio TV, replacing priests and popes with robots is the ultimate goal of the New World Religion.

“Longbeard” is a suitable name for the company involved in this diabolic enterprise, because it translates literally the Italian word, for a warlock.

Everyone at this conference is an unknowing worshipper of Satan, because you cannot automate the ministry of Christ, and if you think you are, you are clearly not a Christian but a demon faking to be one.

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5 thoughts on “VATICAN promotes MagisteriumAI to tell Catholics what to think”

  1. Fr. Michael Baggot, LC, was an undergrad at Christendom. I’ve met him briefly in person visiting the campus back when.

  2. How could they not know that AI suffers from biases and hallucinations? I believe AI misinformed big pharma and inspired the shutdowns. It’s hardly a glorified search engine. . . 🥺

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