EU says worship of Baphomet by Child Sacrifice is a “fundamental right”

Editor’s note: Not too long ago, on May 21, 2023, I reported how Baphoment, the transgendered demon-god, who is worshipped by child sacrifice, is imaged on the EU 50 Euro Note.

Back on April 11, 2024, this religious fact was manifest in the vote by the EU Parliament to declare the right to slaughter your own child in the womb a fundamental right of the European Union. (See article above)

Click the image below for more about the real religion of the Rothschild backed European Union:.

And if you look closely, you can see that Baphomet, as imaged on the 50 Euro note, is standing in front of a Cross, as if to signify that he will replace Jesus Christ as the Antichrist of the New World Order.

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2 thoughts on “EU says worship of Baphomet by Child Sacrifice is a “fundamental right””

  1. This vote by the EU Parliament has no legal value whatever. It certainly shows a rampant mentality. The inclusion of abortion in the European Charter has been a wish of French President Emmanuel Macron since 2022, and on 8 March 2024 France became the first country in the world “to enshrine the right of women to abortion in the Constitution”. However, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, first proclaimed in 2000 and enshrined in European law in 2009, “has the same legal value as the Treaties, and any revision requires the unanimity of the Member States”. Thus, the text has “no chance of reaching this stage”.
    It will be difficult to find a formula that enshrines the freedom to use abortion that satisfies all Member States, as the differences between them are considerable for the delay of abortion as for reasons recognized by law.
    In Poland, a country of Catholic tradition, abortion is only allowed in cases of rape or incest, or when the mother’s life is in danger.. However, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk “promised to strengthen women’s rights and facilitate access to abortion” during the election campaign that brought him to power last December.
    On the Maltese side, the legislation also remains very strict, although “relaxed in June 2023. Abortion is allowed “only if the mother’s life is in danger and the fetus is not viable”.

  2. I wish to comment on the abortion legislation in Malta.
    I understand and I could be very out of date but the majority
    of very risky pregnancies can be help to term. Also if the fetus
    is not viable, why not just nature takes its course and not be
    guilty of murder. Even if the baby lives a few hours, its life is

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