National Catholic Reporter pushes the Sabbatean re-write of the Catholic Faith

Editor’s Note: Not a few authors have noticed that “Dignitas infinita”, the new heretical document published by the homossexualist theological porn author, Archbishop Fernandez, has inconsistencies with the Catholic Faith.

The Catholic critics want the document withdrawn or corrected to remove these inconsistencies and defend the Catholic Faith. Others think that the Archbishop is so ignorant he did not intend these inconsistencies.

But Terese Lysaught at the U.S. Government backed National Catholic Reporter — pushing Marxism and immorality since its foundation — says the Catholic Faith should be rejected so as to protect those inconsistencies.

And just maybe, that strange surname, Lysaught (a misspelled version of the Gaelic surname, Lysaght, which means “a foreigner”, is really not a Christian surname all together? That might seem a wild allegation, but look at what this same author is tweeting elsewhere:

I would wager that Lysaught’s lineage is not Christian, and that there is a Frankist or Sabbatean somewhere guiding her families warped notion that “progressivism” is “inspired”. But even if there is none, her ideas of sexuality are fully in accord with the satanic movement in Judaism known as Sabbateanism.

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One thought on “National Catholic Reporter pushes the Sabbatean re-write of the Catholic Faith”

  1. As Our Lord Jesus promised our redemption is near, at hand. This is the abomination standing on holy ground.

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