Trump, Neo-Nazism, the 4th Reich and the role of Trad Inc.

This week, during their weekly Anti-Globalist talk show, AJ and Br. Bugnolo discuss the curious “United Reich” tweet of Donald Trump, the fixation of the “right” with censorship by Biden, and the continual signs of national socialism from Trad Inc.. They discuss in particular the biography of Marian Horvat of Tradition in Action.

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Pope Saint Gregory VII and St. Peter Damian accepted the Sutri Initiative in 1046: Why won’t you?

Historical note by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today is the Feast of Pope Saint Gregory VII, the greatest reforming pope of the Middle Ages, who warred relentlessly against corrupt and heretical rulers of his time. As an acolyte of Pope Gregory VI (Giovanni Graziano) he attended and accepted the decrees of the First Council of Sutri which saw 3 popes deposed: one who was canonically elected, but resigned and attempted to reclaim the throne: Benedict IX; another who usurped by papacy while he was only Metropolitan of Tusculum: Sylvester III; and the third, who was canonically elected after simonaically purchasing the papacy from Benedict IX: Gregory VI.

Saint Gregory VII accepted the results of the First Sutri Initiative in history. Even Saint Peter Damian, greatest enemy of the gay mafia in the Church, accepted the Council of Sutri. Both attended the coronation of the Henry III, the German King, as Emperor of the Romans on Dec. 25, 1046: the very man who urged the Council on the same terms as the Sutri Initiative t today.

Why then is it that so many who claim to be Catholic journalists, commentators, canonists, theologians, influencers, personalities, cardinals and bishops refuse to even talk about what happened at Sutri in 1046? let alone endorse it 100% as these two great saints, enemies of corruption and sodomy did?

That is my question for them. Ask them. If they remain silent they will only condemn themselves as fake Catholics.

In the meantime, standing as I do with the emperor Henry III, I urge everyone in Christendom to walk in the footsteps of Saint Gregory VII and Saint Peter Damian by supporting the second Sutri Initiative in history, to see Pope Francis deposed for his perfidious behavior and false claim to the papacy: in that he has never intended to accept the Papal Office for the up-building of the Church, but only to change our Holy Faith, and is thus simultaneously guilty of schism, apostasy and heresy.

Pope Francis exonerates Cardinal Lacroix for raping girl, after victim refuses to speak with Vatican Prosecutor

Editor’s Note: It is obvious to even the most simple minded, that the proper forensic procedures were not followed. I dare say that no victim is going to ever speak with a Vatican prosecutor again, if the Prosecution Office proceeds to exonerate individuals simply because the victims refuse to meet physically with them,.  — As any who has worked with such victims knows, the last thing they can bare to do is meet with another member of the clergy or their representatives.

Pope Francis is notorious for promoting sexual perverts, approving of sexual perverts, encouraging sexual perverts, condoning their perversions and manners of self-identification, and above all of protecting sexual predators who are Bishops and Priests and Cardinals. But lately he is in a rush to exonerate them as well.

As Archbishop of Buenas Aires, Cardinal Bergoglio covered up all the sexual abuse cases and refused to publish lists of those accused. This has prevented the discovery of the actual number of victims for 40 years.

Cardinal Lacroix is one of the 8 Cardinal Advisors which assists Pope Francis in governing the Vatican City State and the Catholic Church.

Clearly Jorge Mario Bergoglio was not the man the Cardinals should have ever elected, on the basis of his record in covering up sexual abuse by clerical predators. No wonder they were eager to rid the Church of Pope Benedict XVI, who reduced to the lay state more priests than any pope in history, in order to rid the Church of these monsters who had infiltrated the clergy.

NATO Chief says the purpose of the Alliance is to sodomize Europe

Editor’s Note: And we all thought NATO was an alliance to defend Europe against Marxism. Yeah!

Jens, what you are involved in is not “love” by any definition. It’s real name is misanthropy. And it’s not equal to human procreation at all. What you are really in favor of is the depopulation of Europe, which might explain why you have thrown Ukraine to the dogs of Russia and stand by watching millions of Christians in that country suffer and die.

Jens Stoltenberg is a descendant of a man who, while living in Stoltenberg, Germany, took the town’s name as his surname, a practice common among Jews. His mother too, has a surname which is found among the Ashkenazim. — Perhaps this is not only why he was given power but why he pushes the degeneracy of the Sabbatean Jews.

As for Stoltenberg, he is a hypocrite even by his own standards, because if NATO exists to allow European perverts live in peace, why is NATO standing by and doing nothing about the illegal immigration of millions of Muslims, who believe they have the right to throw sodomites from 10 story buildings?

UPDATE: And if NATO is about letting everyone live as they want, why have they not liberated Warsaw?

USA: Diocese of Lexington praises Hermit who reveals she mutilated herself

Editor’s Note: Since it is a blasphemy to the living God to deny one’s own femininity by mutilating one’s self, it is also a most grave sacrilege and work of the demonic to consecrate the body by vows thus mutilated. The Diocese of Lexington must repudiate this witch or it will be in de facto schism from the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Burke: “The Rebellion against God … has reached an unimaginable level”

Editor’s Note: This was a great Commencement speech. But I would remind the Cardinal that to affirm in public repeatedly for 8 years that “there is no canonical solution” to a man who claims the papacy falsely, is also to be part of the rebellion against God. — I refuted the Cardinal’s position here, on the juridical grounds of his claim. — As far as I know, he has known of this argument for 6 months and has not publicly refuted it. But I am not at all certain he has seen the refutation in detail.

NETHERLANDS to get Zionist, pro-Sodomite, anti-Immigration Government

Editor’s Note: Geert Wilders has taken his mask off. What he means by protecting the Netherlands from Islamic immigration, means that he will protect Netherlands as the pro-Bilerberg Cultural Marxist force in Europe.

Since the 16th century the Netherlands has promoted the attack on Christendom and the moral degredations found in the Talmud, with its concepts of usury, free sex and multiple economic forms of exploitation, from perpetual race slavery to drug and arms running. Wilders represent no fundamental change from that downward course.

Vatican Conference on Phenomena, lumps Our Lady’s apparitions with UFO sightings

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Traduction française

It is more obvious than ever, that Pope Francis’ intent is the utter ideologically destruction of the Catholic Religion and all that is sacred in it. This is just another news story which adds to the guilt of all Catholics who could do something to remove him from office, but do nothing.

Those who read FromRome.Info know well that the UFO narrative is 100% a U. S. Military psyop to explain away their secret technology programs and undermine the faith of Christians in the Creator, who according to Scripture, created all things for His honor and glory, though the salvation of men. Thus, there is no possibility whatsoever of life outside of Earth or intelligent corporeal life other than human beings.

Catholics also know that authentic apparitions represent God’s intervention into history and are an essential part of the Catholic religion, with those recorded in Scripture as part of public revelation for our edification and the direction of all in all times and places and future generations, and those not recorded in scripture after the death of the Apostles, which are do not add anything more upon our Holy Catholic Faith but which are for the instruction and direction of Catholics individually or collectively, according to times and places, ages and generations.

A true intervention of God obliges those who receive it gravely, such that they would be considered apostates in the sight of God if they denied what they saw. But this pertains only to supernatural interventions (such as those which are visible or audible, or intelligible, whether in exteriorly (in the sensible world) or interiorly (in the soul) to the person. Devout Catholics often have imaginary visions in their minds or visions in dreams which represent nothing from God but are merely nature’s way of overflowing the mind with things most beloved by it. These represent no divine intervention and impose no obligation, and should not be heeded with any concern. Discerning between true divine interventions by God, the Saints or Angels from false ones, takes great training in mystical theology and human psychology and sometimes also in medicine. And the more grave and serious and important the Divine Message, the more God will confirm that it is truly from Him with miracles and signs which cannot be reasonably denied by anyone.

Thus, the psychopaths and sociopaths such as those who govern the Vatican right now are wholly unqualified to make any determination or rule in such matter. And Catholics should pay them no heed, other than to lump ridicule back upon them.

Pentecost Sunday: The 25th is God’s Favorite Number

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As I mentioned in my last article regarding the dates of Christ’s Conception, Birth, Death and Ascension, Our Lady’s most ancient feast Day is the 15th of August, and it must also be the one She favors the most, because Our Lord Ascended to Heaven on May 15, 33 A. D., the same day of the month.

But God also has a favorite day, and it is the 25th of the Month.

Because since Christ returned to the Father’s House on May 15th, on His Ascension, that means that God the Holy Spirit, Who descended 10 days later, came down to Earth for the first time, to dwell with men, openly, on May 25th, 33 A. D..

But Christ our Lord was conceived by the Holy Ghost on March 25th, 2 B. C., and born on Dec. 25, 2 B. C..

So the 25th, as a number of a day, connects not only the coming into the world of God the Son but also the coming into this world of God the Holy Spirit. And since it is God the Father Who gives us His Son and His Holy Spirit, the 25th is also God the Father’s favorite day to bless those who remain faithful to Him, as He promised of old to do.

This year Pentecost falls on May 19th, but it will fall on the 25th in the years 2066, 2075 and 2088 A. D..

Perhaps the Holy Ghost also chose the 25th for another reason. Because, as we see from the Book of the Apocalypse, there are 24 elders who throw down their crowns in Heaven, to worship God, with the 12 Prophets and Patriarchs of the Old Testament, there were numbered the 12 faithful Apostles of the New Testament gathered around the Blessed Virgin on Pentecost Day. Or again, all gathered around the Lamb of God in Heaven. And both enumerations makes 25.