USA to outlaw the Christian Bible & Preaching the truth about the Crucifixion

Editor’s Note: Biden is expected to sign the bill into law in days. The new law will make it a federal crime to speak of Jews, if anyone perceives such speech as promoting hatred. That is most of the New Testament, according to radical anti-Christian elements in the West. — This law will be used to being an open war against Christianity in the USA.

Saints Peter, Paul and Luke would all now risk Prison, if they entered U. S. Territory …

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4 thoughts on “USA to outlaw the Christian Bible & Preaching the truth about the Crucifixion”

  1. Will they also outlaw the other book? 😉 Or any book that deals with Jewish issues. A few come to mind. Perhaps Ford automobiles should be banned since Henry Ford wrote and published The International Jew

    I noticed that no one makes the distinction between people with certain ethnic/religious identity (DNA) and others with certain political agendas.

    This whole things gets more ignorant and more ridiculous as the days go by. Soon we will be forced to “care” about issues we don’t give a hoot about.

    1. Also: Cicero, Voltaire (Cfr ) , Bismark, Solzhenitsyn, the Protocols of Zion etc.

      S. Aloni, former Israeli Cabinet member too (“’Anti-semitic?’ It’s a trick. We always use it” to stifle legitimate criticism) and eventually Kissinger (“It’s a war between the Jews and the non-Jews” as quoted by M. Wolff in the book “Fire and Furry”).

      In short, any author who wasn’t fully hypnotized.

      Could it be one of the reasons the Georgia Guidestones were proactively blown up too (July 2022)?

  2. WARNING: Sarcasm ahead.

    Who killed Jesus? It was the Chinese, of course! Those bandits disguised themselves as Hebrews to rescue their pal Bar Abbas whose real name was Yu Bin Wong. He was trying to infiltrate the Sanhedrin.

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