Euthanasia is the Globalist solution to covering up DeathVaxx injuries

Editor’s Note: Many transnational corporations with medical services units are spinning them off as separate companies. For those who understand what happened and the liability issues involved, this fact is another admission that they knew what they are responsible for and are attempting to save huge corporations from lawsuits..

The truth is that the Scamdemic was the time when your hospital turned into a Concentration and Extermination camp. was one of the few Catholic sites which warned the world against this plot against humanity at every step, and was proved right 100% of the time about the extent of the danger.

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2 thoughts on “Euthanasia is the Globalist solution to covering up DeathVaxx injuries”

  1. Having been ill with Covid 19 during the duration of Jan 2020 for 4 solid months, emergency room at least 5 times, lost 40 lbs in 2 months eating packaged frozen meals twice daily, and tons of antibiotics…..I can tell you the media did cause thought narratives in people which caused them to despair. I recall thinking that I would have been tempted to end my life if the thought of going to Hell had not stopped me.
    I dont know what history, if we have one, will tell of these times, but, it does seem to me that we are under the demons being in control. Waiting for the triumph of Mary’s Immacl
    ulate heart and an Era of peace.

  2. Also, not just World Youth Day, a lot of the Megachurches are drug money laundering fronts.

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