Chris Cuomo admits DeathVaxx injuries

Editor’s Note: Christ Cuomo is an Italian-American, the son of the former New York State Governor, who was also a U. S. Presidential Candidate for the Democrat Party. His admission of being vaccine injured is equivalent to a political earthquake in the USA.

This is just another report demonstrating, that being a loyal reader of since March of 2020, was one of the best health news decision anyone could have made.

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5 thoughts on “Chris Cuomo admits DeathVaxx injuries”

  1. Thank you Fra Bugnolo for being a voice for truth. I learned about it here and I avoided that thing like the plague it is. A neighbor who too FIVE shots is now dying of a generalized cancer of unknown origin.

    1. Good point John. Personally, I think they enjoy it. ”Eat this cookie people. It is good for you and it is safe and effective!” Fastforward 2-3 years; ”Oh no, there was poison in the cookie and you will slowly die in pain. Or by sudden death. Now let us tell you all about the poison that is now inside you; cancer, myocarditis, other heart issues, etc, etc. We didn’t know, we so sorry 😃”.

  2. The website is a great dovetail to that point Chris made about having an official coverup commission to give us bromides about the lockdowns and euthanasia.

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