Scholars call for Pope Francis to resign or be deposed

Editor’s Note: I agree with this statement 100%. It reasons for the deposition of Pope Francis from the point of view of the accusations or theological reasons why he should be removed from power. Unlike the Sutri Initiative, which expressly agrees with the theological reasons but focuses on the practical solution, the canonical means to do it.

For the record, none of the signatories contacted me, even though several of the signatories have my email and phone number.

But from the tone of this recent declaration, it appears all have read the Sutri Initative, published 6 months ago. If they have not signed it — and some of them may have, since I do not ask that signatories on it write to me to confirm their action — I think it is because they do not understand the canonical history or motives of the First Council of Sutri or why the Church accepted it.

Note, the above article, at the bottom of it, has footnotes and a PDF version to download.

However, I think it is not charitable nor honest of the signatories to publish such a statement and leave in limbo how to achieve what they ask for: the solution to which is spelled out in detail in the Sutri Initiative. That is like responding, “Yes, your car is broke and you need to fix it”, when the speaker was asked, “How or where can I fix my car?” It’s a politically safe response, but it is not a response which respects the dignity of the person asking or takes seriously his needs.

And we should all insist that each signatory on the above declaration have the honestly to publicly admit the Sutri Initiative exists, and has existed for 6 months. And declare whether they have made such a petition to the Bishops or not.

Because any other way of acting is virtue signalling.

But from a point of narrative mechanics — that is, the art of winning or losing a debate — what they are doing is guaranteed to fail. Because if you call for something controversial but do not propose a solution, your opposition will respond by saying there is no solution. Which is precisely what Cardinal Burke has been doing for neigh 6 years: saying there is no canonical solution. — So one has to ask each of these signatories, “What is your game? Are you that stupid?” For if you had mentioned the Sutri Initiative, then you would have defended your position and made is entirely plausible.

Whereas, the Sutri Initiative, by refuting Cardinal Burke’s ludicrous and a-historical assertion, builds a solid position which can only aid in convincing its readers of its truth and practicability.

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4 thoughts on “Scholars call for Pope Francis to resign or be deposed”

  1. “For the record, none of the signatories contacted me, even though several of the signatories have my email and phone number.” – Br. Bugnolo

    Cool. So we take the time and effort to get the contacts of the signatories, less John Henry Weston and maybe others,
    telling them, “We get the crimes!!! Here’s how to canonically deal with the criminal(s).” Send them all individually The Sutri Initiative, which somehow none of them knows about. (Yeah, right.)

    The more contacts from us all, the better.

    As far as I know, none of the signatories came out BiP. In fact, Weston weaseled his interview with Mazza and remained firmly R&R. So…what is the benefit of contacting him?

    While we are at it, snail mail a copy of The Sutri Initiative to the Diocese of Tyler, Texas and on the envelope write: For Bp Strickland only, please forward.

  2. Great comment BR,Bugnolo, totaly agree with you, Do not understand the inaction of cardinal Burke too… God bless you….

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