Donald Trump wants the Death Penalty for “AntiSemitism”?

Editor’s Note: Things are getting very dark in the U.S.A.. Trump’s son joined the Jewish Fraternity at University, and when asked why, he said, “It’s the big secret of our Family, we are all Jews”. — Well with the above news, it is now clear that Trump is a particular kind of nasty radical, called a Zionist. — Trump’s comments were made in regard to the shooting at the Synagogue in Pittsburgh, where 11 Jews were murdered. However, Trump’s comments are clearly only made in reference to killing Jews, since he has never called for the death penalty for crimes against Christians.

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump wants the Death Penalty for “AntiSemitism”?”

  1. The fact that both Biden and Trump support Israel and the vaccine should be enough for people to realize that they are on the same team. TEAM ZIONSIM

  2. He should not have come back.
    He’s in a personal revenge spirit, which is not good.
    He should have supported someone else, younger.
    His campaign in 2020 was a real catastrophe, he did not manage to smooth the covid madness.
    I remember 2016.. the so great hope so many people in the world had.. I remember me that night before the vote, at the time to go to sleep, I told my partner: “I feel it, he will win”.. and the morning at 6:00 when I jumped out of the bed to watch foreign TVs..
    In nov 2016 I was on holidays in the mountains somewhere in the middle of Europe..3700 miles from there..
    We all live on another planet since then 🙁

  3. It’s claimed he was talking about a particlar crime a shooting ,it was referring to the perpetrators of that crime.

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