USA: Nazi Agent George Soros funded ‘Antisemitic’ Violence at Universities across America

Along with Bill and Melinda Gates and David Rockefeller, Jr.. — It was Biden’s supporters who also pushed through Congress the ‘Antisemitism’ Bill, which makes it now a federal crime to criticize Jews. — Now do you understand how they play the game?

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One thought on “USA: Nazi Agent George Soros funded ‘Antisemitic’ Violence at Universities across America”

  1. They are most likely backing every side of every controversy. What they are backing is violence and social disorder until the frenzy reaches a certain level. At that level the country cannot function anymore.

    My guess is that there will be a crescendo of civil disorder until about September/October when there will be an all out war in Europe. That will continue until about January 2025 when they are going to execute a “protracted” nuclear exchange.

    Expect political assassinations and civil disorder within the next six months. I hope and pray to God that I am completely wrong.

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