AUSTRALIAN Bishops push for approval of mass with nude male dancing

Editor’s Note: As a Cultural Anthropologist who is Catholic, I understand well that any aboriginal tradition of greeting has no place in the Roman Rite or in any Rite of the Mass, since Catholics do not have to greet one another at the beginning of the Mass, on this account, we are not entering the house of another, nor meeting strangers. To have a greeting at a Mass implies that we are not brothers in Christ or that our Church is not one everywhere.

But I do understand that a hierarchy totally infiltrated by men who are sexually and psychologically addicted to the worst moral depravities with other men, might want a liturgy with nude male dancing at the beginning, because it reminds them of the orgies which are at the center of the only religion they know, the Synagogue of Lust.

If I were a parent in Australia, I think this approval would be the last straw. I would never take my sons or daughters to Mass with these Bishops again.

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4 thoughts on “AUSTRALIAN Bishops push for approval of mass with nude male dancing”

  1. It’s Francis fault. He should, as vicar of Christ, personally pick up the phone and say ” enough is enough “…but, we all know he won’t say a word.

    1. According to prophecies through Fr. Gobbi and John Leary the abomination of Daniel refers to the forthcoming time when the Holy words of consecration will be changed in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, thereby preventing transubstantiation and thus making the host desolate of Our Lord’s presence. A sacrilege is defined as the abuse of a sacrament, and this will certainly be an abomination.

      According to the prophecies, the one-world Freemasons will infiltrate certain levels of the leadership of the Catholic Church. The Great Schism will occur and the majority of the members of the Church will apostatize, and follow the False Prophet (an Anitpope). The remnant true Catholic Church will be run underground and persecuted by the Freemasons. The Freemasons will turn the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass into a satanic ritual, even worshiping an image of the Beast on altars formerly used by the Catholic Church. .

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