YouTube is light years ahead of Soviet Show Trials

Editor’s note: Two days ago I received this notice from YouTube in regard to a video I made of a prayer vigil back on October 17, 2020, in the piazza of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, at midnight.

YouTube won’t tell me what I said, which they found offensive to their globalist ideal of liquidating any evidence of the Scamdemic and erasing any criticism of their criminal complicity.

So, not only can I not appeal. I am not even told what I said which was wrong. I am only told what they think I said. None of the links to the evidence works.

YouTube is light years ahead of the Soviet Show trials. Because at least in a show trial, there is the display of evidence to support the accusation!

Evidently in the Star Chamber of YouTube, that is no longer considered necessary.

I know by divine and catholic Faith that one day, on the day of Judgement, they will get their just desserts for this behavior. I only pray that I remain faithful to my Lord Jesus Christ, until death, so that I might rejoice to see the lightning bolts from His Throne and the vengeance of Saint Gabriel the Archangel against them, in all its inescapable fury and horror!

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3 thoughts on “YouTube is light years ahead of Soviet Show Trials”

  1. I have seen others on YT getting the exact same kind of treatment as you have. It is shameful.
    I agree, the vengeance belongs to our Lord Jesus and He will judge the unrighteous on judgement day.

  2. My goal is not to use any of those products ever more. YT has a lot of good material but they are control freaks. Recently my internet service was interrupted so frequently I opted to just read my email once per day. Someone told me that was ‘punishment’ for using an ad blocker. YT wants us to watch each and every ad they cram into their videos. Well, I stopped watching TV long ago (decades) because of the time wasted in commercials. YT is going the same way. Ipse venena bibas, YT!

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