OMC Radio TV’s Weekly Anti-Globalist Talk Show, May 13, 2024

This week, AJ and Br. Bugnolo talk about Population Reduction and Robotic Replacement, REAL ID, the failed W.H.O. Pandemic Treaty Negotiations, and FB’s attempt to block of the Chega Party’s road to victory.

Click above to watch on OMC Radio TV, or below, through Rumble:

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2 thoughts on “OMC Radio TV’s Weekly Anti-Globalist Talk Show, May 13, 2024”

  1. I have yet to complete listening to the show so I will wait until I complete it before making my comments.

    Here are some nonrelated news you want to discuss on the next show:

    Aurora Borealis seen in Spain for the first time since 1938.

    Today, 15 nuns of St Claire from Belorado & Orduña Spain leave the Catholic Church

    Here is the communication from the ArchBishop of Burgos. Looks like the nuns kept this all secret for a while including the potential purchase of their convent by Sedevacantist Thuc Bishop Pedro Rojas. It is quite the scandal.

  2. In Tampa, Florida and probably in most of the USA, most new immigrants are no longer interested in learning or speaking english. Most taxi drivers or hotel house keeping people use google translate instead of speaking English.

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