Crisis Magazine: There is no crisis in the Church, or, there always was!

Editor’s Note: This article seems to be an attempted refutation of the article at FromRome entitled, Gladio, Pope Francis & the Making of the One Religion of the New World Order.

I will leave it to the readers of FromRome.Info to discern whether he has ably refuted facts with mental gymnastics.

If you have ever thought it a wild idea, that Crisis Magazine is controlled opposition, I think its time to fundamentally reassess your opinion.

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5 thoughts on “Crisis Magazine: There is no crisis in the Church, or, there always was!”

  1. E Michael Jones has a number of other red flags for example:
    – he defended Feducia Suplican
    – he considers Iran as a theoceacy with God’s blessing (since western society has rejected God).

  2. Dear br. Alexis, Dr. E. Michael Jones is not the founder of Crisis magazine. He is the editor of Culture wars, initially Fidelity press. You can read about it on: He is very knovledgeable and has helped many people find their way into the catholic Church with his clear and direct approach. Like every human being he too is prone to make mistakes. In these difficult times of darknesss and confusion in the Church it is easy to get misslead and very difficult to allways take the right position.

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